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    BlackBerry Bold 9670 Runs BlackBerry OS 6

    After the highly rumored BlackBerry Bold 9800 there is one more Bold waiting for its official announcement, the BlackBerry Bold 9670, company's latest clamshell. Apparently, it will also run the BlackBerry OS 6 and should roll out sometime this summer.

    From the first leaked shot till now, the 9670 has increasingly become a point of contention amongst BlackBerry users: what is its purpose? What phone is it meant to replace? Why, oh why, did RIM choose this awkward form factor to further its gains into the mainstream smartphone market? Because, as you can see, the BlackBerry 9670 isn’t nearly as ugly as we once thought it to be. In fact, it seems kind of…cute.

    While the first BlackBerry slider, the Bold 9800, has been spotted lots of times , this is the first time we hear of RIM's latest flip, which, reportedly, will be the latest addition to the Bold series.

    Besides being a fatty, the Bold 9670 is quite well equipped. Word on the street is that the new flip will run company's latest BlackBerry OS 6 and will support Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. The 9670 will also have a 5-megapixel autofocus camera with flash and a full QWERTY keyboard. Unlike the 9800, the Bold 9670 won't come with a touch sensitive main screen on board. The trackpad underneath is touch sensitive though.

    But, more importantly, this is the first live look of BlackBerry 6 running on a non-touch device. While it looks incredibly polished, and, indeed, usable, there doesn’t seem to be a whole lot differentiating itself from the latest OS5 builds. While that may change before release, the improvements seem largely aesthetic. It’s nice to see the home screen more customizable, and some graphics added to the Settings menu, but overall this is the BlackBerry OS we know and love. New users may find it more intuitive, but veterans will know exactly what to do.

    The BlackBerry Bold 9670 is expected to become available in both GSM and CDMA flavors but there is no word on when exactly that is going to happen.

    Gsmarena  Thecellularguru

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