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    Windows 7 Login Screen For Windows XP Free Download

    Windows 7 is in the market dor almost 10 years. So same login screen each and every times you turn your pc on is extremely boring. So lets try Windows 7's nice login screen for your Xp system. I provide you 3 different login screen this time.You must try all three.
    Windows Windows 7 Login Screen Blue

    How to install this logon Screen in XP
    1. Go to C:\windows\resources.
    2. Create a New Folder with Name “Logon” as C:\windows\resources\logon\.
    3. Now Navigate to Downloaded Logon Package, there is 2 options i.e widescreen & normal (Choose on your wish).
    4. Copy Setup.reg & LogonUI.exe to C:\windows\resources\logon\
    5. Once Copied, Click on Setup.reg to install the logon Screen.
    6. Just Reboot or Log Off for take Effect!
    Download Exclusive Windows 7 Transformation Pack For your Windows XP from here

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