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    iPhone 4G Is Comign Soon- Photos Out

    It seems so and the proof has been around since the iPad launched, except no one noticed it at the time. Get ready folks, the iPhone 4G (HD, or whatever) may break away from the design of the original iPhone.

    The night before the big iPad announcement, some photos of the iPad leaked - and believe it or not, the iPhone 4G was in the shot as well. This is the equivalent of finding the Loch Ness monster in a Big Foot photo - so, while people were doubting if this was the iPad or no, no one would have believed the thing on top of it is the new iPhone.

    But after alleged photos of the iPhone 4G appeared (not counting the fake ones) and we know what to look for, the realization dawns that the odd-looking iPhone over the iPad is real - and so is the new one. Okay, we still don't believe the bit about it being found on the floor of a San Hose bar but that's hardly the point here.

    Then someone dug out photos of the iPhone 4G internals. Add in the glass-like ceramic enclosure patent by Apple (it's radio transparent for better signal reception) that explains the back of the new iPhone and things start coming together.
    Since the devices in the photos are probably early hand-made prototypes, there might be slight differences with the final hardware, but this is pretty much how the iPhone 4G will look like.

    There are some hardware specs that have been "confirmed" (don't take them as granted, but they sound quite plausible). First off, a higher-resolution screen (hence the iPhone HD thing), 640 x 960 has been mentioned as the resolution (twice the number of pixels on each side compared to the current iPhones).

    Next is the better camera with flash, MicroSIM card slot (like in the iPad), and the number 80GB has been floating around for the internal memory. Flash memory comes in powers of 2 so, 80GB sounds pretty unlikely but it could be a 64GB + 16GB combo.

    The device doesn't boot, but so far they've managed to confirm the following. The camera now has a larger lens and has a LED flash. The display reportedly seems of more high resolution but is physically a little smaller. There's a front-facing camera and the battery is some 18% bigger. A real downer is that the iPhone 4G uses a MicroSIM card instead of the regular variety.

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