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    How To Burn ISO File To CD or DVD Easily

    You might need to burn an ISO of an operating system, software app, CD, DVD…etc. It doesn’t matter what the ISO image is, burning an image is a fairly straight-forward process and here we’ll take a look at three free options to accomplish it.Is applicable for your Windows xp,windows vista and windows 7 for easiest burning. Today i will show you how to do it using ImgBurn, ISO Recorder, and Windows Disc Image Burner in Windows 7.

    Using ImgBurn
    ImgBurn is an awesome free utility that will create ISO images, allow out burn almost anything, and a lot more. Although there are a lot advanced features available, burning an ISO to disc is easy. Download and install ImgBurn taking the defaults in the install wizard.
    The main thing to watch for and uncheck during installation is when it offers the worthless Ask Toolbar.
    After Installing here's the total process-
    >> The easiest way to use ImgBurn is to burn an image to disc is pop in a blank disc to the CD/DVD drive, right-click on the ISO file, and select Burn using ImgBurn.
    >> ImgBurn opens up with the source and destination fields already filled in. You can leave the default settings, then click the Write button.
    >> You’ll notice that the ImgBurn Log screen opens, this is by default and is meant to show error messages you may receive during the writing process.
    After a successfull buring process you will see confirmation and then click OK.

    Use Windows 7
    If You’re using Windows 7, use the built in Windows Disc Image Burner feature to burn ISO images to disc.
    >> Right click on the image and choose Burn disc image.
    >> This will open up the Windows Disc Image Burner dialog box where you choose the CD or DVD drive and I also check Verify disc after burning the click Burn.
    >> While the disc is being created there is a progress bar indicating how long until it is finished.

    Use ISO Recorder
    ISO Recorder (link below) is another great utility for burning ISO images to disc. They have a version for XP, Vista, and Windows 7 (32 & 64-bit Versions).
    >> Pop your blank disc into your CD/DVD drive and right-click on the ISO image file and select Copy image to CD from the Context Menu.
    >> In the next screen the image file path is in the Source Image file field. Under Recorder select the drive with your blank disc, select a recording speed and click Next.
    >> You’ll see a progress screen while the data is written to the disc and finalizing.
    That’s it! Your disc will pop out and you can click Finish to close out of ISO Recorder.


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