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    Windows Phone 7: No Current Smartphones Aren't Capable Of Using It

    On February 2010, At a press event in Barcelona, Spain at the World Mobile Congress event, Microsoft have unveiled the new Windows Phone 7 Series, and it’s very different from any version of Windows Mobile that’s come before it.
    Full multi-touch is supported including pinch-zoom and the whole UI, from what we’ve seen so far, looks to have been revamped to make it finger friendly.These first reviews will also give us a much clearer idea of how this OS compares, and how it can compete with iPhone OS and Android, which are both significantly ahead of the current Windows Mobile 6.5.

    But its unfortunate that Windows Phone 7  cannot be installed on any current Windows Mobile handsets, the Microsoft said.

    According to Microsoft, this restriction is related to system requirements – Windows Phone 7 handsets must include three buttons, and 800×400 pixel multitouch display, a 1GHz processor, an FM radio tuner, a compass, and an accelerometer. No current handset meets those exact requirements.

    Not even phones that are very near the requirements are allowed to upgrade – the handset that prompted this news from Microsoft, HTC’s new HD2, has most of the hardware, but sports five buttons instead of the required three. It should also be said that we’re not aware of all of Windows Phone 7’s requirements just yet – some think that a dedicated GPU may be needed to power the OS. Thus, the HD2 is stuck with Windows Mobile 6.5.

    It does make sense for Microsoft to keep its new phone operating system confined to new phones – this will lessen the likelihood of incompatibility problems for users and for third-party developers alike. However, it does mean that anyone in the market for a new phone right now will have to bide their time if they want Windows Phone 7, or simply stick with Windows Mobile 6.5.

    Those in the latter camp will be happy to know that Microsoft does intend to continue support for Windows Mobile 6.5 after the launch of Windows Phone 7 – after the 6.5.3 update, the operating system will be renamed Windows Phone Classic and will still be supported for an undetermined amount of time. This is similar to Microsoft strategy on the desktop, where older versions of the OS are still updated even after they’re superseded by newer versions.

    Microsoft is slated to reveal more about Windows Phone 7 at the MIX developer conference, which is happening from March 15 to March 17.

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