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    Windows Live Wave 4 Available by June 7

    Windows Live Essentials Wave 4, a build has finally been leaked (build number 15.2.2585.0122); however, it’s an old build as Windows Live Wave 4 is already on Milestone 3 (so far the latest report has been build number 15.3.2659.319), or maybe more (with messenger at build number 15.3.2649.311). Even so, here are the build numbers for this version:
    Messenger: 15.2.2583.119
    Mail: 15.2.2583.0119
    Writer: 15.2.2583.119
    Photo Gallery: 15.2.2590.301
    Movie Maker: 15.2.2590.0301
    Family Safety: 15.2.2583.0119
    Sync: 15.2.2587.0212
    Bing Bar: 5.0.1411.0
    To install this build (setup size is about 126MB), a user must be running either Vista SP2 with the Platform Update installed or Windows 7. Just like the Platform Preview for IE9, it is not XP-compatible. Even with a patch out to allow installation of Messenger, some users are reporting that Microsoft has managed to block some entire installations of the leak, with the message “Windows Live Essentials could not be installed. Couldn’t update to the latest version. Couldn’t install these programs: Sync, Messenger, Mail, Companion, Writer, Family Safety, Bing Bar, Photo Gallery and Movie Maker because there was a problem updating one of the programs, none of them were updated. Error 0×80040609.”

    So far it looks as though the most interesting new updates for are Facebook integration (Messenger), tabbed messaging(Messenger), animated emoticons (Messenger), and Ribbon UI in Windows Live Mail, Windows Live Writer, and Windows Live Photo Gallery.

    However, there are many bugs, incomplete features, and other problems in this leak as it’s an outdated pre-beta build, so it’s definitely not recommended for any production machines. But according to popular rumor, a Milestone 3 build should be released May 18, 2010, with a beta build compiled by June 3, 2010 and released to the public by June 7, 2010. However, all dates should be taken with a grain of salt until officially confirmed by Microsoft.

    Readers are recommended to wait for the beta leak as this build is likely several months old

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