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    Windows 7 Service Pack 1 Might Be Available In April 2010

    Windows 7 is in the market for only 6 months now. But people already expecting its Service Pack 1 for being up-to-date with latest security threats and technology innovations.According to Wzor, they’ve already compiled a few builds of SP1. This comes as quite a shocker since Microsoft has never begun work on a Service Pack for an operating system before its release. Generally, enterprises wait until the release of SP1 before deploying a Windows operating system. It’s likely that this move is to speed up Windows 7 integration.
     Rumor has it that Microsoft has had 35 builds since January 11 and March 2 for Service Pack 1 in Windows7. The exact nature of the service pack content is still unknown, but with that many builds it may mean that there must be many changes that Microsoft would like to see in Windows7. The latest windows 7 service pack 1 build is 7601.16518.100302-1530, and it is expected to ship in April 2010.
    The conventional wisdom of the past has been for organizations to wait for the first service pack to deploy before they obtain a new client OS. For many this used to be a necessity. With the availability now of beta software to test the new product, which was not as broad in the past as it is today, and furthermore, people expected the initial release to be buggy and unstable. But that has changed.
    The first Service Pack usually would ship somewhere between 9 to 12 months after the initial OS shipment. Typically, the service pack would usually represent an improvement in stability. Today, Windows 7 SP1 does not represent the milestone it used to be. Windows 7 has changed the modus operandi of a service pack.Wzor also said that development has been branched off to a SP1 branch and these are the latest builds.


    Expectation From Windows 7 Service Pack 1
    At the top of Windows 7 sp1 will be the patches and bug fixes and security updates that have already been delivered to customers. On top of these patches and bug fixes will be tweaks and fixes, and enhancements based on feedback received by Microsoft from customers. If you are expecting ground-breaking changes or updates here, you’ll be disappointed. It will mostly be under the hood tweaks.
    But there is likely to be support for technologies that have materialized in public but not made it into Windows7. USB 3.0 is likely to be at the top of a short list. Enhancements to the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi stacks may also be added.

    Leaked Screenshot of Windows 7 Service Pack 1

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