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    Windows 7 7up Theme Download

    It seems that microsoft regularly released different themes for Windows 7, You can download them from here & here , but today i show you one of the latest official windows 7 theme. Microsoft already has Pepsi and Coca-Cola themes, well now they’ve added yet another soft drink to the mix. “Nothing But 7Up” is the latest mineral to join the party. It’s a refreshing 7 theme based on 7Up’s thirst-quenching lemon & lime flavor non-caffeinated soft drink.
    This lemony theme features 7 high-definition wallpapers, with a maximum resolution of up to 1920 X 1200, mostly sporting some lemons & limes with a dash of 7. And as usual the installation process is so simple. Then once it’s downloaded, double click the file and your done.

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