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    Internet Explorer 9 Question & Answer: Is Xp Out Of View?

    Microsoft just announced that you can indeed try its forthcoming IE9 browser, at least the guts of it. They’ve made a Platform Review available to download here.

    In short Microsoft want to show off the new technologies in the browser, including support for HTML5 and a rendering engine that uses the power of your PC’s graphics processor to load pages faster than ever before.

    Q. Why do you call it a platform preview?

    A. As you can see, the Internet Explorer Platform Preview is not a full web browser. It’s intended to give Web developers an early look at the Web platform technology coming in the next release of Internet Explorer. To distinguish it from a full browser, we call it a platform preview.

    Q. Does Platform Preview replace my current Internet Explorer?

    A. No, it does not, though it does share some settings with your existing Internet Explorer intsallation. One of the best features of Platform Preview is that it installs side-by-side with earlier versions of Internet Explorer and any other browser(s) on your computer.

    Q. What are the system requirements for Platform Preview?

    A. You need a Windows PC running either Windows 7 or Vista. On Vista, you need to have installed Internet Explorer 8 and you need to install the Platform Update for Windows Vista, available on Windows Update since October, 2009. Platform Preview is only available in a 32-bit x86 version but it will install and run on 64-bit Windows 7 and Vista.

    Q. Does Platform Preview run on Windows XP?
    A. No. Internet Explorer 9’s GPU-powered graphics take advantage of new technologies available in Windows 7 and back-ported only to Windows Vista. These technologies depend on advancements in the display driver model introduced first in Windows Vista.

    Q. Will the final release of Internet Explorer 9 install side by side with earlier versions of Internet Explorer 8? Will Internet Explorer 9 run on Windows XP?

    A. It’s too early to talk about features of the Internet Explorer 9 Beta. Our focus with Internet Explorer Platform Preview is to provide a vehicle with which Web developers can test their sites today and start planning if and how they want to support new HTML5 capabilities in the future. It is not intended for daily browsing.

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