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    HTC Google Nexus One’s Sales Disappointing,135000 Units In 1st 74 Days

    HTC Google Nexus One’s sales remain disappointing. Google have sold the miserable 135 000 units of their first born mobile some good 74 days after its market launch.
    The Nexus One has it all. It has both the looks and the brains to become a best seller but, as it turns out, something is missing.Now updated with new Google Nexus One availability info for AT&T and Rogers Wireless.

    A few years back Apple announced that the 1 millionth iPhone was sold in just 74 days. This time was enough for Motorola to sell 1.05 million units of their CDMA-only Droid (a.k.a. Milestone). It’s obvious that Google is seriously lagging behind.

    Even the iPad, which has neither phone nor real computer capabilities, is doing much better. It took the iPad only an hour to achieve what the Nexus One couldn’t in one week. A total of 120 000 pre-orders have been received by the end of the day when Apple iPad went on pre-order in the USA.

    By the way, the Nexus One sales have always been like that. Poor. During the first week only 20 000 HTC Google Nexus Ones have found a new home and by the end of the first month after its launch a total of only 80 000 units have been sold.

    The situation can still change, though. Up until now T-Mobile USA has been the only network carrier to offer subsidized Nexus Ones but as of April we’re expecting Vodafone UK to join in on the game. Though it will be interesting to see how Nexus One competes with its twin the HTC Desire, which however has the benefits of HTC Sense UI.

    Update: In response to the bad publicity they’re getting, Google just announced that the Nexus One is immediately available with 3G bands compatible with AT&T, USA, and Rogers Wireless, Canada. However those carriers are still not offering subsidized deals. At least the smartphone is sold commitment-free.

    But no matter whether the Nexus One sales are a flop, it’s still the best spec’d Android phone currently.

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