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    How To Clear Windows 7 Search Index Easily

    Each time you search for files in Windows Explorer, Windows 7 stores the individual search query in its history. So, when you open Search, you will find all your previous searches listed.
    If you want to clear this Search History, you can do this through the Windows 7 Registry. Here’s a quick hack to get into the Registry and clear the results.
    1. Press the Win key. This opens the Start menu.

    2. In the Search box, type regedit.
    3. When the command name for accessing the Registry, “regedit.exe” appears at the top of the Search box, press the Enter key.
    4. If the User Account Control intervenes, click Yes. Regedit opens.
    5. In the Edit menu, click Find. When the Find dialog box opens, in the Find what: box, type WordWheelQuery.
    6. Click the Find Next button. Regedit goes to work finding the entry.
    7. Once it finds the entry, “WordWheelQuery”, right-click on it and select Delete from the menu. This action clears all entries in Search.
    8. Next, Regedit asks you to confirm your decision. Click the Yes button.
    9. Regedit then clears all previous entries.
    Next time you use Search, you will not be disturbed with previous “search entries”.

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