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    How To Add Virtual Hard Drive Easily In Windows 7

    There are two ways to separate a drive in Windows. One is creating a partition and other is creating a virtual drive. Today i will show you the procedure how to create a virtual drive in Windows 7. This is one of the new features added to Windows 7. The Virtual Hard Disk (VHD) format is an image format specification that creates a virtual hard disk incorporated in a single file. It is capable of hosting different native file systems and also providing support for standard disk and file operations.

    Now follow these steps to create that virtual hard disk:
    1. Go to Control Pane> Administrative Tools> Computer Management.
    2. From the action tab select Create VHD.

    3. Create And Attach Virtual Hard Disk.At first Create a New Folder. Then Locate virtual hard drive.
    4. The New Virtual Hard Drive is Created.
    5. Now you must attach VHD. Locate and Attach the hard drive
    6. VHD – Unallocated Drive. The Drive is created but not allocated. At first Initialize the Disk. Initialize the Disk so the Local Disk Manager can access it.
    7. The Virtual Hard Drive is then available to be used. It can be accessed as the other drives on the system.

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