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    Users choose 64-bit of Windows 7 more than 32-bit Windows

    For the 1st time in computing history a 64 bit version of Operating System is getting more user response than its 32 bit version.And its Windows 7. Recent statistics have shown that Windows 7 64 bit is starting to make headway against 32 bit OS.

    These Operating Systems have a presence:
    Windows XP 32 bit (-2.62%)  42.15%
    Windows 7 64 bit (+3.89%)  19.50%
    Windows Vista 32 bit (-1.62%)  19.09%
    These Operating Systems have less than 10%:
    Windows 7 32 bit (+1.58%)  9.03%
    Windows Vista 64 bit (-1.18%)  8.82%
    These Operating systems are almost insignificant:
    Windows XP 64 bit (-0.01%)  0.63%
    Windows 2003 64 bit (-0.07%)  0.57%
    Windows 2000 (0.00%)  0.10%
    Other (+0.02%)  0.10%
    While 32 bit XP is still dominant in the market with about 42%, Windows 7 64 bit is now at nearly 20%.
    Following that bit of news is also another interesting piece of information about CPU’s. The Quad-4 combination is making inroads.
    1 cpu (+0.21%)  18.29%
    2 cpus (-0.37%)  56.56%
    3 cpus (+0.01%)  0.96%
    4 cpus (+0.14%)  24.13%
    8 cpus (+0.01%)  0.06%

    Advantages Of 64 bit OS
    Note that the two biggest CPU chips with market share are the 2 and 4 CPU chip systems.

    This means that as 64 bit OS’s increase in demand, so does the increase in the integrating hardware to make them more robust.
    64-bit processors have twice the number of registers to work with, so they can process twice as much information per clock cycle as 32-bit processors. But to take advantage of the processors you need 64 bit software, either the OS or programs, and ideally both.
    The Software – RAM ceiling
    Typically applications have been written to address the memory space available to a 32-bit processor, but reaches the maximum limit 4GB.  Thus if a system has more RAM than that, any applications that are designed to work with a 32-bit processor will not be able to interact with any memory beyond 4GB. On the other hand, applications that are written for a 64-bit operation will be able to access and store up to 16 exabytes — that’s 16 billion GB of data in RAM. That is why 64-64 is the best way to go, and why applications are looking to take advantage of the environment that they find themselves in. This move towards increasing the market share of 64 bit OS makes sense as applications try to take advantage of their working CPU.
    So its obvious that as the increasement of people's PC configuration, the market share of 64 bit must be increased by the time.unless you can not utilize your harware ability to work.
    Source: Steam Hardware Survey

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