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    Symbian Code Is Open Source Now, Anyone Can Download

    Most Popular Mobile operating System,Symbian's Code is now become Open Source.It means that any organisation or individual person can now use and modify the platform's underlying source code for any purpose.This move began in June 2008, when Nokia bought Symbian and created the Symbian Foundation to take over the development of the OS. And the Foundation has big plans for the future.

    The Symbian Foundation includes Nokia, LG, Motorola, NTT Docomo, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, operators Vodafone and AT&T and chipmaker Texas Instruments. Nokia has been the primary developer in Symbian, but plans to reduce their input to less than 50% by the second half of 2011.
    Symbian has shipped in more than 330m mobile phones, the foundation says. The Foundation claims this is the largest transition to open source ever and believes it will help speed up the evolution of the platform. And evolution it needs - with the likes of the iPhone and Google's Android OS, which is also open source, exploding into popularity.
    In a press release Symbian Foundation says that-
    The Symbian Foundation today completed the open source release of the source code for the world’s most widely-used smartphone platform. The Symbian platform, which has been developed over more than 10 years and has shipped in more than 330 million devices around the world, is now completely open and the source code is available for free. The transition of this market-leading platform from proprietary code to open source is the largest in software history. The move has been completed four months ahead of schedule and provides the basis for unlimited mobile development based on innovation and openness.
    It believes the move will attract new developers to work on the system and help speed up the pace of improvements.

    "This is the largest open source migration effort ever," Lee Williams of the Symbian Foundation told BBC News.
    "It will increase rate of evolution and increase the rate of innovation of the platform."
    Ian Fogg, principal analyst at Forrester research, said the move was about Symbian "transitioning from one business model to another" as well as trying to gain "momentum and mindshare" for software that had been overshadowed by the release of Apple's iPhone and Google Android operating system.
    To Download the code of Symbian CLICK THIS LINK

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