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    Russia Is The Biggest Windows 7 Pirates-Recent Survey tells

    Piracy Is a WorldWide Problem.And No Wonder Microsoft is the biggest loser for it. Microsoft recently carried out their very own survey which revealed the best places to buy pirated copies of Windows 7.And Microsoft revealed the best place to buy pirated copies of their Windows 7 operating system is Russia . Russians are the biggest pirates of Windows 7 around.

    According to the survey, Moscow is the biggest culprit for pirated copies of Windows 7. More than 25 percent of the dealers in the city sold pirated copies of the software. Also, one in ten of the dealers had the audacity to come to your house and install the illegal software for you.Which is not much different from India then.

    Microsoft has surveyed 2500 computer and software retailers in 53 cities across the Russian Federation. The Far Eastern parts of Russia but the likes of China and India to shame when it comes to software piracy. Places likes Yekaterinburg recorded a massive 41 percent of pirated sales, Chelyabinsk 30 percent and Moscow 27 percent. However Moscow wins the pirate game due to the sheer volume of the Win 7 DVDs sold. And according to Yuri Zlobin, the head of the anti-piracy association, “The Russian Shield”, it was a lot worse than that in Moscow and reckons the figure is higher than that.

    China are also getting in on the pirate scene. As reported earlier, China is doling out gratuitous amounts of copies of Windows 7 on USB drives. The pen drive is being sold for a paltry 98 yuan, or about $14 (Rs 670). What's more, the USB drive features Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer's signature on the outside.
    Pirated copies in DVD format of the new operating system continue to be sold openly in many malls and markets in China. You can get a pirated copy of Windows 7 (non-beta presumably) for 20 yuan (which is about $3 bucks). Windows 7 is cheapest in China, and is available for a paltry $58, and inspite of that most folks prefer to opt for the pirated deal of $3. Although China isn't the only nation pirating Windows 7, India has followed suit and the pirates are selling the OS for as little as Rs 500 ($10) and those in Philippines are selling it for $1.5.And in Bangladesh people can get an illegal copy of Windows Just under $1! While Windows Vista was widely pirated as well, Windows XP remains the most illegally distributed Operating System of all time.

    But the problem in is lots of software now a days will not install unless it can certify that you have a genuine copy of Windows and they are constantly releasing updates and patches which will deactivate your illegal copy of Windows.
    Source: India.com

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