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    Mobile Phone Manufacturing Process: Google Nexus One

    Mobile phone,a very powerfull tool,consists of so many functions we need.But surprisingly its very small.So we always wonder,how can a mobile phone is produced?So its now again Google give you the answer.A couple of short films are released over the internet showing how the Google Nexus One is being produced and what tests it goes through before it's ready to take off for the stores.
    In the first clip might be not as captivating as you expected,but  the second one is definitely worth a look.
    1st video is about Google Nexus Phone manufacturing procedure.As you probably guessed, the manufacturing process of the Nexus One is almost completely automated. A human hand barely touches the phone until it leaves the factory.

    And here is how they test the HTC Google Nexus One. It undergoes four different tests which should guarantee that the phone is robust enough to survive the everyday "torture" its owners are about to subject it to. Pressing the trackball countless times, carrying the phone in the pocket along with some keys and coins, and even dropping the Nexus One on the floor.
    The tests might seem a bit piquilier at first but that is something each phone has to go through during its life.Its all about saety and durability. No matter how smart or expensive it is or how many features it packs. And the Nexus One seems ready to face them all.

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