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    Microsoft Take Steps Against Pirated Windows 7- Antipiracy Update Released

    So manu users around the world are using pirated copy of Windows 7 as it is found so easily all over.It appears that at least 25% of the copies of Windows 7 sold in Russia are pirated, and in China you can buy illegal copies of Windows 7 for as little as $10.But theres something microsft planning to stop these.
    Microsoft have said today, Thursday(09 Feb) that it is planning an update to Windows 7 that will close a number of loopholes that counterfeiters have been using to thwart the operating system’s built-in antipiracy measures. The Windows 7 activation technologies update for Windows 7 will close off more than 70 “activation hacks”. The update will also check with a server periodically to see if there are further hacks that need to be addressed.

    Joe Williams, General Manager at Microsoft of Microsoft’s Genuine Windows unit, responsible for anti-counterfeiting measures explained in an interview the dangers of using counterfeit software.

    “We do see malicious code–everything from easily discoverable malware to keyboard recording,”"There’s all sorts of things we’ve seen that puts our customers at risk and their data at risk.''

    The update will be available for manual download from Microsoft’s genuine Web site on Feb. 16 and from the Microsoft Download center the following day. Later this month, the update will also be offered through Windows Update as an “important” (but optional) update. This is strange as we thought Microsoft would have been eager to push this update and make it compulsory, as those running illegal copies of Windows 7 may well be aware of this update and choose not to install it.

    Williams said that the update will certainly be optional and users may still continue to receive other updates if they wish. Personally I would have thought that Microsoft would force this update but Williams makes a fairly valid point.

    “We are pretty realistic, People who are actively pirating will try to find ways to continue to pirate.”

    We all guess what he’s saying is true. Those who are aware of the fact they are running a pirated copy of Windows 7 will be smart enough not to update until they have found away around it. However it seems that with this update, Microsoft are aiming to catch out those who have purchased pirated copies of Windows 7 without actually knowing it.

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