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    Microsoft Closes Its Windows Vista Support Sooner Than Windows XP SP2

    After the success of Windows 7 experts already thinks that Windows Vista must be stopped. Now it seems that Microsoft are preparing to do that. Microsoft have said they will end support for its unloved Windows Vista operating system a few months ahead of Windows XP SP2 and Windows 2000.

    Support for microsoft windows vista RTM ( Vista with no service packs/1st Official Windows Vista), ends April 13. This means user of all the version of Windows Vista such as windows vista ultimate, windows vista home premium, windows vista business are getting no official support for their product. Support for Windows XP SP2 and all versions of Windows 2000 ends July 13. Also on the latter date, Microsoft will end support for Windows Server 2000. If you are running these versions after April 13 you will no longer receive updates or support for your Windows Vista.

    What termination of support means is that Microsoft will no longer issue security updates for those products, leaving them completely open to the any more security flaws that may arise. But i think you must not be too much paniced over this point while microsoft windows vista is the biggest flaw. Who cares about its small flaws?

    Also on July 13, Microsoft will move Windows Server 2003 from Mainstream Support to Extended Support. Under Extended Support, Microsoft no longer provides no-charge incident response, warranty coverage, or design changes and feature requests. Instead users will have to pay to open up a support ticket.

    But if you love Vista what should you do? You must go for windows vista upgrade. Simply update to either Windows Vista SP1 or SP2, and if your running Windows XP update to Windows XP SP3. Or maybe a better idea would be to update to Windows 7 or a new PC altogether. And for those of you running Windows 2000, just get a new PC please! Give some rest to your old PC. its already done its job.


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