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    Latest Windows 7 Build 7700(Post RTM) Screenshots

    At last we have some confirmed news for Windows 7 Service Pack 1 of Post RTM. Waiting after a long time First screenshots of the post-rtm build 7700 have been published by the Russian news site Wzor.The build number is 7700.0.100122-1900.That means this Windows 7 Version was compiled on 22 January.Where the build number of Windows 7 RTM was 7600.16385.090713-1255.
    A server version is also available with that build number. This build should not be confused with the builds for the first service pack of Windwos 7 as this build will eventually lead to Windows 8 while the service pack builds will lead to the release of the Windows 7 Service Pack.
    Now the question is when it would be released and it also leaks?
    Source: Windows7news

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