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    How to Use Windows 7 Compatibility Option Effectively

    Compatibility Is one ofe the major issues to the user community.Microsoft also try their best to make a compatible system after the crash project of vista.So they include many new compatibility feature in Windows 7.One of these are Windows 7 XP Mode.But its a little bit tricky to use.Another is its compatibility option.
    Simply right click the application or driver you want to run and choose Troubleshoot compatibility option and run the application without any major problem.

    If you select Try recommended settings then windows checks the program and find out the best setting to run the program.Or you can manually do this by selecting Troubleshoot program.

    But i found that the option-Try recommended settings is not working properly all the time.Most of the time it try to run the program with windows XP Service Pack 2 settings.Yes obviously manufacturer of different programes make their application base on this XP SP 2 system. But problems might occur when you want to install device driver like programes.I am wondering why Vista drivers are also opens with XP SP 2 settings by this system!And after this all the functions of the driver is not available and you might face little bit of problem.
    So if you know the correct verion of your applications or drivers please select Troubleshoot program instead of try recommended settings.Then select the 1st option,The program worked in earlier versions of Windows but won’t install or run now.

    Then click next and select your operation system of the program.

    After All These if you still find problems woth your programmes and do something more.
    After installing Right Click the .exe file and go to its properties.
    From the compatibility tab Check the  'Run this program in compatibility mode for:' dropdown box and select compatible operating system from the list.you can find Windows 95,Windows 98,Windows ME,Windows NT, Windows 20001 Windows Xp service pack 2 & 3,Windows Vista service pack 1 & 2,Windows server 2003 and Windows server 2008 from there.

    You can also tick other 5 option for better result.
    We can hope that Microsoft can solve this problem in the upcoming Windows 7 Service Pack 1.Till then try this and make your Windows 7 journey more enjoyable.Best of luck.

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