How To Use 2 Display Windows At Same Time: Dual Monitor Setup

You can never have enough screen space, especially when organizing and working on your digital pictures or at the time of video editing. Instead of buying a larger monitor, if you're using Windows 7, Vista, or XP, you can buy an inexpensive second monitor and connect it to your computer—instantly doubling your desktop space. And Image 2 Flat panels in front of you at the same time-Its amazing to see.

There are several different ways you can make use of this extra screen space when working at home or in your office. If you take a lot of digital pictures, some of the advantages to having dual monitors at your work space include:
•When browsing your picture library, you can view the thumbnails on one monitor, and use the second monitor to view pictures full screen to check for proper focus and image quality.
•When editing photos, you can use one monitor to browse the pictures with Windows Explorer or a photo library program, and use the second monitor to edit the pictures with your photo-editing software.
•If you need to stay on top of your e-mail while working, you can keep your inbox open on one monitor and work on your photos on the other.

Set up two monitors on your desktop computer
Many new desktop computers support dual monitors without requiring any additional hardware. To see if you have more than one monitor connection, look at the back of your computer for two Video Graphics Array (VGA) connectors or two Digital Visual Interface (DVI) connectors or one of each.Most new desktop computers include two connectors to support dual monitors.

If you only have a single VGA or DVI connector, you will need to install a video adapter. You can either install a second video adapter or replace your current video adapter with one that has two VGA or DVI connections. Installing video adapters can be difficult if you're not familiar with the inside of your computer, so you may want to seek assistance from a local computer retailer that offers computer upgrade services. You might use DVI-VGA or VGA-DVI adapter in come case of cable connection.

By default, when you connect an external monitor to a laptop, the same image (mirror image) of your desktop appears on the external monitor. Before you can drag a window from your laptop screen to the external screen, you must extend your display by changing your display settings. By contrast, when you connect another monitor to a desktop PC, the display is set to "extended" by default, and you should be able to drag a window from one screen to the other without changing any settings.

The Display Settings For Dual Monitor In Windows 7
1. Open Screen Resolution by clicking the Start button Picture of the Start button, clicking Control Panel, and then, under Appearance and Personalization, clicking Adjust screen resolution.
2. Click the drop-down list next to Multiple displays, click Extend these displays, and then click OK.

3. If you don't see an option named Multiple displays in your display settings, then Windows isn't detecting a second monitor plugged into your desktop computer. Or, it is not detecting an external monitor plugged into your laptop. When Windows detects this monitor, it will appear in the drop-down list next to Display. If you don't see it listed there, try clicking Detect.
4. Make sure the monitor you want to extend your desktop to is turned on and plugged into the correct video port on your computer. You might also need to select the correct source labeled on your monitor's controls to ensure the monitor is using the correct video port. For more information, check the manual for your monitor or go to the manufacturer's website.

The Display Settings For Dual Monitor In Windows XP
1. Right-click the desktop, and then click Properties.
2. In the DisplayProperties dialog box, click the Settings tab.
3. Click the Display list and select your external monitor. If you do not see multiple monitors listed, your computer hardware may not support Dualview. You can still use MaxiVista to configure a second computer as an additional display, however.
4. Select the Extend my Windows desktop onto this monitor option. Click Apply or OK.

The Display Settings For Dual Monitor In Windows Vista
Most display types can be detected. If a particular display can't be identified, you can manually open the New Display Detected dialog box in one of the following ways:
1. Open Windows Mobility Center by clicking the Start button Picture of the Start button, clicking Control Panel, clicking Mobile PC, and then clicking Windows Mobility Center.
2. Then, on the External Display tile, click Connect display.
3. Use the correct keyboard shortcut on your mobile PC. The keyboard shortcut used to activate an external display varies depending on the mobile PC manufacturer. To learn more, check the information that came with your mobile PC or go to the manufacturer’s website.
Add a monitor to your laptop computer
If you have a laptop computer made in the last several years, you can almost certainly support an external monitor by connecting it to the VGA or DVI connector on the back of your computer. The external monitor can act as a second display to your laptop's built-in display. Connect your second monitor. You may have to restart your computer so that it detects the new monitor. After you connect your second monitor, you have to adjust your display settings.

Troubleshooting: If you do not see two monitor icons, your computer might not support multiple displays. First, make sure that you have Windows 7, Windows Vista, or Windows XP installed. Then, visit Microsoft Update, click Custom, and install any available hardware updates. You may also need to visit your computer manufacturer's Web site to install an updated display driver. If you still do not see two monitor icons, you may need to install an additional display adapter.

If necessary, drag the monitor icons so that they are arranged in the same way as the monitors on your desk. Click the Identify Monitors button to verify which monitor is 1 and which monitor is 2.

Once your monitor is set up, you can use your mouse to grab the title bar of a window and drag it to your new display. If a window does not move when you drag it, double-click the title bar first, and then drag it. Having two monitors will forever change the way you work with your computer. Be creative and experiment with the sizing of application windows and what information you can keep in constant view while doing multiple tasks.

How To Speedup Your Windows Easily For The Best Performance

TuneUp Utilities is one of well-known windows configuration utility to speed up computer.  And its also one of the best tips to speedup your system in the easiest way. With TuneUp Utilities, your system will be faster, more comfortable and more secure. All important aspects of system configuration, security, cleanup and maintenance can be accessed through a modern graphical interface. TuneUp Utilities will optimize the performance of your PC, solve problems and help you easily customize your computer to suit your needs.

TuneUp Utilities helps both beginners and experts to make Windows meet their needs in a way that is better, easier and safer. All important system options are explained in an easy way and can be turned on or off at the click of your mouse to speed up computer. TuneUp speed up windows xp startup and solves many startup problem. TuneUp Utilities will then make the necessary changes in the registry or boot files automatically. It is integrated with highest rated registry cleaner you ever imagine. We place a high value on system stability, so that Windows won't stop working reliably. Its marked as best ms registry cleaner. And most changes that you make can be undone in TuneUp Rescue Center - easily and safely.

TuneUp Utilities also gives you many more options. In addition to helping you make Windows "better looking", you can also clean up and optimize your system at the click of a mouse. TuneUp Utilities 2008 will clean up unnecessary data from your hard disk and remove unnecessary entries from your registry. It can defragment your hard disk and registry and optimize your system settings to make Windows run substantially faster. Most of this maintenance is performed automatically every week by TuneUp 1-Click Maintenance.

Automatic adaptation to your operating system
When making these changes, TuneUp Utilities reaches deep into the Windows system. However, Windows has changed a great deal from version to version. Because of this, the software automatically recognizes and adapts to each supported version of Windows. This is done automatically so that you, the user, won't have to re-learn the software for each operating system version. its also used as very good computer backup system.

Here are some key features of  TuneUp Utilities 2010 :
TuneUp Start page:
· Intuitive Layout, Easy to Use
· Provides quick and easy access to the most critical optimization functions
· A single yet comprehensive appraisal of your PC’s current performance and overall system health
TuneUp Speed Optimizer:
. Speed up computer
· Intelligent, Powerful Utility for any User Skill Level
· Easy optimization in just a few clicks
. Memory optimizer software
· Identifies unused programs and resource-draining functions
· Recommends tools for optimal PC performance
. Speed up windows xp performance
. Speed up windows boot
. Speed up windows shutdown
TuneUp 1-Click Maintenance:
· Automatic, Fast Optimization
· Enables one-click maintenance of the most important functions of your PC
· Cleans the Windows registry with highest rated registry cleaner
· Deletes temporary files and folders
· Increases the system performance through integrated defragmentation
· Streamlines your desktop and simplifies folder shortcuts with one click
TuneUp Drive Defrag:
· Intelligent defragmentation with new progress display
TuneUp System Control:
· Supports Opera
. System optimizer
. Internet speed optimizer
TuneUp Uninstall Manager:
· Intuitive uninstall options
TuneUp Startup Manager:
· Increases the speed at the start-up of your PC
. Speed up windows xp startup
TuneUp Registry Cleaner:
· More powerful tool with in-depth view of your PC registry
. One of the most highest rated registry cleaner
. 64 bit registry cleaner
. Advanced registry optimizer

Special Feature: Increase Performance
Whether you are working or gaming, TuneUp Utilities will increase the performance of your PC. Programs that are used infrequently are identified, startup processes are shortened, and unwanted, useless files are eliminated. Performance is increased for trouble-free working on your PC.
Turbo Mode
* Concentrates the entire performance of the PC on active programs
* Temporarily turns off unnecessary programs specified by the user
* Provides a smoother working or gaming experience
Configure Live Optimization
* Automatically optimizes resource usage
* Increases program response times
* Accelerates program startups
Free Up Disk Space
* Finds additional disk space
* Identify and remove junk files
* Deletes temporary and unnecessary files
Configure System Startup
* Improves PC startup times
* Turns off unneeded startup programs
* Offers straight-forward recommendations for startup improvements

· Minimum: 800x600 screen resolution with 256 colors; recommended: 1024x768 screen resolution with 16.7 million colors
· Minimum: 60 MB free disk space; recommended: 100 MB free disk space
· CD-ROM or DVD-ROM-Drive
· Internet Explorer 6 or 7
· Internet access
· Windows XP, Windows Vista or 7

Microsoft Closes Its Windows Vista Support Sooner Than Windows XP SP2

After the success of Windows 7 experts already thinks that Windows Vista must be stopped. Now it seems that Microsoft are preparing to do that. Microsoft have said they will end support for its unloved Windows Vista operating system a few months ahead of Windows XP SP2 and Windows 2000.

Support for microsoft windows vista RTM ( Vista with no service packs/1st Official Windows Vista), ends April 13. This means user of all the version of Windows Vista such as windows vista ultimate, windows vista home premium, windows vista business are getting no official support for their product. Support for Windows XP SP2 and all versions of Windows 2000 ends July 13. Also on the latter date, Microsoft will end support for Windows Server 2000. If you are running these versions after April 13 you will no longer receive updates or support for your Windows Vista.

What termination of support means is that Microsoft will no longer issue security updates for those products, leaving them completely open to the any more security flaws that may arise. But i think you must not be too much paniced over this point while microsoft windows vista is the biggest flaw. Who cares about its small flaws?

Also on July 13, Microsoft will move Windows Server 2003 from Mainstream Support to Extended Support. Under Extended Support, Microsoft no longer provides no-charge incident response, warranty coverage, or design changes and feature requests. Instead users will have to pay to open up a support ticket.

But if you love Vista what should you do? You must go for windows vista upgrade. Simply update to either Windows Vista SP1 or SP2, and if your running Windows XP update to Windows XP SP3. Or maybe a better idea would be to update to Windows 7 or a new PC altogether. And for those of you running Windows 2000, just get a new PC please! Give some rest to your old PC. its already done its job.


How To Change Windows 7 Logon Background In 1 Click

 In Windows Operating System there is no built in utility to change the logon background.That mean each and every times you turn or or off your pc you see same background.No doubt it is quite boring.So how to change it?There are so many utility software to do that. We often use tools like windows xp registry repair utility, windows configuration utility, windows cleaner utility to do this. But i find a really fine utility to do it. It only need 1 step to do it with graphical preview.Its Windows 7 Logon Background Changer 1.3.4

The Windows 7 Logon Background Changer application was designed to be a free open source software that lets you change the wallpaper of the Windows 7 login screen. It has been tested successfully with Windows 7 Final 7600. Its a wonderful windows configuration utility which has a very gorgeous interface.

What does it do?
- It does NOT change any system file, and the program itself does not requires admin rights to run (it will just ask you to run as admin a very simple cmd file that creates the required folder et registry key with the appropriate rights)
- It creates a few JPEG files based on the image you want to put as wallpaper for the Windwos 7 login screen, applies the appropriate cropping and sizing and saves them using the best compression quality possible.

File Information:
Developer: Julien MANICI
License: Freeware / FREE
Size: 717 KB

How To Use It:
>> The downloadthis windows configuration utility is a small zip file that contains an executable you can run from a flash drive, and also an installer in the Setup folder if you choose to install it.
>> After launching Background changer, you can browse through the standard Windows backgrounds to get an idea of how it will look.
 >> If you don’t want to use the standard Windows backgrounds, you can add your own folder of images.
>> After you’ve selected the background you want, click on the Apply button in the upper right hand corner. The windows configuration utility do the rest.
>> Click Yes on the authorization screen.
>> Click Yes to User Account Control if it comes up.
>> The wait a bit while the background is applied to your Windows 7 system.
>> There are some different settings you can select like resetting back to the default pictures folder, preventing other users from changing the background, and adjust shadows.
>> Now you can log off your Windows 7 to see how the new background will look when you or another user signs in.

How To Manage Windows Registry Easily:TweakNow PowerPack

Many of us use different utility tools to maintain our Windows operating System on track.TweakNow PowerPack is a fully-integrated suite of utilities that let you fine-tune every aspect of your computer's operating system and Web browser. The Registry Cleaner module provides you with a safe and simple way to clean Windows Registry and backup system registry. To keep your computer at top performance, experts recommend to clean your registry at least once a month. For Windwos tweaking lovers, the suite provides more than 100 hidden Windows settings in the Windows Secret section, windows registry database. Using modules included in this section, you can easily customize your Windows like geeks do. The Virtual Desktop module lets you run as many as four custom-designed desktop configurations simultaneously, allowing you to tailor your computer screen to your mood and your work requirements.The Utility suite also gives you a complete picture of all aspects of your computer's hardware, including detailed information about your motherboard, processor, video card, memory, hard disk and network. Its very handy windows xp registry cleaner.
File Information:
TweakNow PowerPack 2009
Version: 1.7.2
OS: Windows 7/Vista/XP
License: Freeware
Official Site

Users Choose 64-bit Of Windows 7 Than 32-bit Windows

For the 1st time in computing history a 64 bit version of Operating System is getting more user response than its 32 bit version.And its Windows 7. Recent statistics have shown that Windows 7 64 bit is starting to make headway against 32 bit OS.

These Operating Systems have a presence:
Windows XP 32 bit (-2.62%)  42.15%
Windows 7 64 bit (+3.89%)  19.50%
Windows Vista 32 bit (-1.62%)  19.09%
These Operating Systems have less than 10%:
Windows 7 32 bit (+1.58%)  9.03%
Windows Vista 64 bit (-1.18%)  8.82%
These Operating systems are almost insignificant:
Windows XP 64 bit (-0.01%)  0.63%
Windows 2003 64 bit (-0.07%)  0.57%
Windows 2000 (0.00%)  0.10%
Other (+0.02%)  0.10%
While 32 bit XP is still dominant in the market with about 42%, Windows 7 64 bit is now at nearly 20%.
Following that bit of news is also another interesting piece of information about CPU’s. The Quad-4 combination is making inroads.
1 cpu (+0.21%)  18.29%
2 cpus (-0.37%)  56.56%
3 cpus (+0.01%)  0.96%
4 cpus (+0.14%)  24.13%
8 cpus (+0.01%)  0.06%

Advantages Of 64 bit OS
Note that the two biggest CPU chips with market share are the 2 and 4 CPU chip systems.

This means that as 64 bit OS’s increase in demand, so does the increase in the integrating hardware to make them more robust.
64-bit processors have twice the number of registers to work with, so they can process twice as much information per clock cycle as 32-bit processors. But to take advantage of the processors you need 64 bit software, either the OS or programs, and ideally both.
The Software – RAM ceiling
Typically applications have been written to address the memory space available to a 32-bit processor, but reaches the maximum limit 4GB.  Thus if a system has more RAM than that, any applications that are designed to work with a 32-bit processor will not be able to interact with any memory beyond 4GB. On the other hand, applications that are written for a 64-bit operation will be able to access and store up to 16 exabytes — that’s 16 billion GB of data in RAM. That is why 64-64 is the best way to go, and why applications are looking to take advantage of the environment that they find themselves in. This move towards increasing the market share of 64 bit OS makes sense as applications try to take advantage of their working CPU.
So its obvious that as the increasement of people's PC configuration, the market share of 64 bit must be increased by the time.unless you can not utilize your harware ability to work.
Source: Steam Hardware Survey

Microsoft Take Steps Against Pirated Windows 7- Antipiracy Update Released

So manu users around the world are using pirated copy of Windows 7 as it is found so easily all over.It appears that at least 25% of the copies of Windows 7 sold in Russia are pirated, and in China you can buy illegal copies of Windows 7 for as little as $10.But theres something microsft planning to stop these.
Microsoft have said today, Thursday(09 Feb) that it is planning an update to Windows 7 that will close a number of loopholes that counterfeiters have been using to thwart the operating system’s built-in antipiracy measures. The Windows 7 activation technologies update for Windows 7 will close off more than 70 “activation hacks”. The update will also check with a server periodically to see if there are further hacks that need to be addressed.

Joe Williams, General Manager at Microsoft of Microsoft’s Genuine Windows unit, responsible for anti-counterfeiting measures explained in an interview the dangers of using counterfeit software.

“We do see malicious code–everything from easily discoverable malware to keyboard recording,”"There’s all sorts of things we’ve seen that puts our customers at risk and their data at risk.''

The update will be available for manual download from Microsoft’s genuine Web site on Feb. 16 and from the Microsoft Download center the following day. Later this month, the update will also be offered through Windows Update as an “important” (but optional) update. This is strange as we thought Microsoft would have been eager to push this update and make it compulsory, as those running illegal copies of Windows 7 may well be aware of this update and choose not to install it.

Williams said that the update will certainly be optional and users may still continue to receive other updates if they wish. Personally I would have thought that Microsoft would force this update but Williams makes a fairly valid point.

“We are pretty realistic, People who are actively pirating will try to find ways to continue to pirate.”

We all guess what he’s saying is true. Those who are aware of the fact they are running a pirated copy of Windows 7 will be smart enough not to update until they have found away around it. However it seems that with this update, Microsoft are aiming to catch out those who have purchased pirated copies of Windows 7 without actually knowing it.

How To Avoid System Hang,Freeze,Memory Leaks In Windows 7-Bug Fixed

 Many Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 and Windows Vista Users face some odd issues that are occurring sometimes in their system.These bugs are not typically fixed via Windows Update,Instead Microsoft offer Hot fixes which should only be applied to systems experiencing the specific problem. So if you are not affected by any of these problems, you should not apply them, just hang out for a service pack.
Here are the four most prominent issues, listed in order of decreasing severity.

1. Computer Crashing with BSOD ( Blue Screen Of Death )

This first issue occurs when the computer crashes after it runs for some time, with the user seeing the following BSOD (the four parameters vary depending on the computer):

STOP: 0x0000000A (parameter1, parameter2, parameter3, parameter4)

Microsoft explains that the issue occurs because Power Manager opens an Advanced Local Procedure Call (ALPC) port and closes another port instead of closing the ALPC one, resulting in a successive memory leak, leading to an eventual crash. here is the Hotfix provided by Microsoft.

2. Windows Displays Blank Screen And Mouse Pointer Upon Wake
While this issue isn’t to problematic, it can be annoying. This only affects laptops and netbooks but also affects Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008 R2, or Windows Server 2008.( KB958685 ) Say you put the computer to sleep while the lid is open and then close it after it has gone to sleep. When you go to wake it up again, Windows resumes but you only see a blank screen and a mouse pointer until you provide some user input such as a keystroke or mouse click. This issue is meant to be addressed in an update soon enough but there is also a Hotfix available here.

3. When You Use A USB Storage Device It Becomes Unresponsive
This issue only occurs with Intel 5 and 3400 series chipsets and a copy if either Windows 7 Home Premium, Professional or Ultimate and when the USB device has pending control and bulk traffic. The iPhone is mentioned as a culprit in KB978789 . Basically what happens is the Platform Controller Hub gets all confused and can’t determine which traffic has priority. As a result it stops responding, however this only affects a limited number of USB devices.
Microsoft don’t have a solution for this issue as of yet and say that you should contact the manufacturer of your Motherboard and get information on how to update your BIOS.

4. Microsoft Rebound Becomes Unresponsive On A Touchscreen Computer
This finally issue isn’t exactly a deal breaker but it may affect some of you. It affects all copies of Windows 7 and occurs mainly in Quad core machines with Multi touch. Basically all that happens is the Microsoft Rebound game becomes unresponsive when you try to launch it.Microsoft are at fault here so a hotfix is available from here

Microsoft Starts Development Of Windows 8 Project

After a long silence at last their we heard some posivite news about Windows 8.And its also comes from Russian wesite-Wzor.remember Wzor?Those who’ve been following up during the days of Windows 7 development should be familiar with WZor, which had been providing accurate details about Microsoft products, particularly Windows 7 and Office 2010.

So far, information about Windows 8, Windows 7’s successor has been either based on remarks slipped out by Microsoft officials or rumours.The site claims that Microsoft has started the engineering of Windwos 8. It even mentions details about builds that have been already compiled:
the build number indicates these version are compiled at the end of the month January 2010.

To see Windows 8 info and download its wallpaper,theme,transformation pack Click here
Here's you will find all the interesting news about Windows 8
Windows 8 Video & Info
Windows 8 Wallpaper & Theme
New Set Of Windows 8 Wallpaper
Something about Windows 8 release
Real Windows 8 Screenshot?
Microsoft developer Confirms New GUI In Windows 8
Windows 8 With New Networking Feature
Windows 8 Transformation Pack Download

How to Use Windows 7 Compatibility Option Effectively

Compatibility Is one ofe the major issues to the user community.Microsoft also try their best to make a compatible system after the crash project of vista.So they include many new compatibility feature in Windows 7.One of these are Windows 7 XP Mode.But its a little bit tricky to use.Another is its compatibility option.
Simply right click the application or driver you want to run and choose Troubleshoot compatibility option and run the application without any major problem.

If you select Try recommended settings then windows checks the program and find out the best setting to run the program.Or you can manually do this by selecting Troubleshoot program.

But i found that the option-Try recommended settings is not working properly all the time.Most of the time it try to run the program with windows XP Service Pack 2 settings.Yes obviously manufacturer of different programes make their application base on this XP SP 2 system. But problems might occur when you want to install device driver like programes.I am wondering why Vista drivers are also opens with XP SP 2 settings by this system!And after this all the functions of the driver is not available and you might face little bit of problem.
So if you know the correct verion of your applications or drivers please select Troubleshoot program instead of try recommended settings.Then select the 1st option,The program worked in earlier versions of Windows but won’t install or run now.

Then click next and select your operation system of the program.

After All These if you still find problems woth your programmes and do something more.
After installing Right Click the .exe file and go to its properties.
From the compatibility tab Check the  'Run this program in compatibility mode for:' dropdown box and select compatible operating system from the can find Windows 95,Windows 98,Windows ME,Windows NT, Windows 20001 Windows Xp service pack 2 & 3,Windows Vista service pack 1 & 2,Windows server 2003 and Windows server 2008 from there.

You can also tick other 5 option for better result.
We can hope that Microsoft can solve this problem in the upcoming Windows 7 Service Pack 1.Till then try this and make your Windows 7 journey more enjoyable.Best of luck.

What Is The Microsoft Office 2010 System Requirements

Microsoft Office 2010 is the latest upcoming office suite of Microsoft Office.No wonder its the most updated version of office thats why its System Requirements is also higher.
Office 2010 lets you work how, when, and where you want, letting you get things from a PC, the Web, and even a smartphone.
See what's new in MS Office 2010 applications:
>> Word
>> Access
>> PowerPoint 
>> Publisher 
>> Outlook 
>> InfoPath 
>> Excel 
>> SharePoint
>> Workspace 
>> OneNote
Download Microsoft office 2010 RC
So Now, it’s time for you to determine is existing computer hardware is capable to install and run Office 2010, or whether there is additional hardware support required in order to fulfill Office 2010 system requirements to upgrade from previous version of Office such as Office 2007 to Office 2010.
Office 2010 Hardware Specification System Requirements:
* Internet access. 
A PC with these minimum recommended specifications:
*500 MHz 32-bit or 64-bit processor or higher
*•256 MB of system memory or more
*3.5 GB of available disk space
*1024x768 or higher resolution monitor
*Graphics processor (GPU video adapter) – Use of graphics hardware acceleration requires DirectX 9.0c compatible graphics card with 64 MB or higher video memory (optional to help speed up some graphics features and charts rendering tasks in Office 2010, and to help using advanced transitions, animations, and video features new to PowerPoint 2010).
*DVD-R/W Drive
*Supported Operating Systems:Windows XP with Service Pack (SP) 3 (32-bit), Windows Vista with SP1 (32-bit or 64-bit), Windows Server 2003 R2 (32-bit or 64-bit) with MSXLM 6.0 installed, Windows Server 2008 with SP2 (32-bit or 64-bit), Windows 7 (32-bit or 64-bit), Terminal Server and windows on Windows (WOW) (which allows installing 32-bit versions of Office 2010 on 64-bit operating systems) are supported.

How to Install Microsoft Office RC (RTM Escrow) without Product Key

Last week A leaked copy of Microsoft Office 2010 RC was spread all over the torrent and many people downloaded it and wish to use it. But unfortunately it needs a valid product key before the installation procedure begins. So what can you do now? How to install MS office 2010 RC build 14.0.4734.1000 without a valid product key? Here's a trick for you. By following this method you can Install Microsoft Office 2010 RC without the need of a valid product key. The work-around to crack Office 2010 activation as detailed below works by replacing the unactivated tokens.dat and pkeyconfig-office.xrm-ms, with activated version, which provided for free by Microsoft for Office 2010 Beta program. The free product key for Office 2010 Beta is a MAK type (Multiple Activation Key), which is now required to activate volume licensing version of Office 2010 products.

How to use MS Office 365 without subscription

There is one benefit of using MAK to activate a Microsoft product, the system does not required to update or refresh its activation status, internally or externally against any activation servers. The convenience is provided from computers, such as laptops or notebooks, which does not connected to the corporate network persistently or consistently. Reactivation is only required when there is a hardware change. Best of all, if for any reason the software product which has received a MAK product key loses activation or fails validation, its functionality is not limited or restricted. Only nagging notifications will appear, which will disappear when the product is activated again.

And the main important this is the time bomb, which renders the pre-release Office 2010 useless after an expiry date does not exist in the leaked volume or Select versions of Office 2010. So, the activated Office 2010 RC (RTM Escrow) will likely to stay activated forever, even if it’s been activated with license files from the beta.
Now the procedure for you-

1. If there is any existing Office 2010 been installed, uninstall it, then reboot the system.
2. Download and install official Microsoft Office 2010 Beta (the version of Office 2010 suites to install is Office Professional 2010 Beta build 14.0.4536.1000, and must be the same system architecture of x86 or x64 that intends to be installed at RC, i.e. 32-bit Office 2010 Beta activation files will activate 32-bit Office 2010 RC/RTM while 64-bit Office 2010 Beta activation files will activate 64-bit Office 2010 RC/RTM).
While at the Office 2010 Beta page, register and request for a free product key (which is a MAK – Multiple Activation Key) for Office 2010 to activate the installed Office Professional 2010 Beta over Internet against Microsoft’s activation key.

3. Once Office Professional 2010 Beta has been installed and activated, copy the pkeyconfig-office.xrm-ms file from the following folder to another folder location for safekeeping:
%ProgramFiles%\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\OFFICE14\Office Setup Controller\

Note: User who installs 32-bit Office 2010 in 64-bit OS should find the file at %ProgramFiles(x86)%\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\OFFICE14\Office Setup Controller\ folder.

4. Also copy and save the tokens.dat file in the following folder to another but same folder location as above for safekeeping (for Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows Server):

In Windows XP, it’s located here:

5. After copying above two files, uninstall the installed Office 2010 Beta product.
6. Download and install Office 2010 RC (RTM Escrow) for corporate volume licensing distribution channel.
7. Download ActivateOffice2010beta.7z script by SoLoR from MDL forum.
8. Extract the activate.cmd script from the archive and place the file inside the same folder with the two saved tokens.dat and pkeyconfig-office.xrm-ms files in steps above.
9. Edit the activate.cmd file with any text editor, and the modify the following line to include the Office 2010 MAK product key used to activate the beta version:
cscript “%PROGRAMFILES%\Microsoft Office\Office14\ospp.vbs” /inpkey:GVFBT-K6Q6T-HTX3P-C4K7G-7V2FR

Replace the GVFBT-K6Q6T-HTX3P-C4K7G-7V2FR in the line above to own personalized Office 2010 MAK product key.

10. Run a console command prompt as administrator.
11. Change directory to the folder with three files mentioned above – activate.cmd, tokens.dat and pkeyconfig-office.xrm-ms.
12. Execute the activate.cmd.
The script will automate the process to take ownership and grant full access permissions on tokens.dat and pkeyconfig-office.xrm-ms, and then replace the files with activated copy. It then calls the ospp.vbs via cscript engine to re-input the product key for Office 2010 and activate the full version product:

cscript “%PROGRAMFILES%\Microsoft Office\Office14\ospp.vbs” /inpkey:XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX
cscript “%PROGRAMFILES%\Microsoft Office\Office14\ospp.vbs” /act

13. The Office 2010 should be activated. To check activation status of Office 2010, run the following command:
cscript “%PROGRAMFILES%\Microsoft Office\Office14\ospp.vbs” / dstatus

Tip: For user who has problem activating Office 2010 RC or RTM Escrow after following steps above, try to delete HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\OfficeSoftwareProtectionPlatform registry key after uninstalling Office 2010 Beta.

Note: The data inside tokens.dat file is generated based on the hardware configuration, so it will be different on each PC. If you intend to activate Office 2010 with crack method above, backup the tokens.dat from each PCs you intend to do so.

The MS Office 2010 activation crack is likely able to crack and activate Office 2010 RTM build. As the method has been revealed, it’s likely that Microsoft will fix the loophole before releasing the final RTM version of Office 2010. Thus, the RTM build version of Office 2010 is unlikely to stay at 14.0.4734.1000, especially when the target RTM data to be around April.


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