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    Watch Movies & TV Without TV Tuner In Windows 7

    Its no wonder as a part of our life Microsoft works a lot to improve media performance of Windows 7 than the previous Windows XP or Windows Vista.Windows Media Center is the perfect example for that.Do you have a Windows 7 PC but no TV tuner? You may be surprised to learn that you don’t need one in order to watch streaming video and even popular TV programming on your Media Center PC or extender thanks to the numerous Media Center plugins currently available. And Hulu is one best plugin to do that.

    What is a Media Center Plugin
    Plugins that allow you to watch TV shows via Media Center are very popular, especially those that provide access to Hulu, the online site where major TV networks have teamed up to provide free, streaming video. There are a number of different plugins to choose from, each with their own feature set and fan base. Which one you choose to install may come down to its offerings, ease of use, price, or just personal preference.

    Hulu Desktop Plugin
    Hulu Desktop Integration 1.0 provides an easy way for users to go back and forth between Windows Media Center and Hulu Desktop. When clicking on HULU in Windows 7 Media Center, the software automatically closes Windows Media Center, Starts HULU Desktop Maximised in full screen. When you are done with HULU Desktop, click on Exit in the main menu, the software will automatically startWindows Media Center back up in full screen mode. This software will not work with your extenders. When you’re finished watching the streaming videos in Hulu, you just click on “Exit” from the software’s main menu and Windows Media Center will return, it too in full screen mode. This easy switching also works with Windows Media Center remote controls but does not work with extenders like the Xbox 360.

    Before installing this application, you’ll need to install Hulu Desktop. Make sure both it and Windows Media Center are closed before you install the plugin which is available for a free download here.

    Some Others Pluging You can use in your Windows 7 for wathcing tv and movies are-
    HuluMCE Plugin
    PlayIt Plugin
    TunerFree MCE
    SecondRun TV

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