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    Users Appreciating Windows 7 Far More Than Vista, People Using It

    After releasing October 22,2009 it seems Windows 7 is i success for Microsoft.And after it's three months journey experts can already say that no other operating system to date which has received as much praise as Windows 7 eariler.
    Windows 7, riding on the back of improving holiday sales has now managed to overtake every version of Apple's Mac OS X version 10.4, 10.5 and 10.6 in terms of market share. It jumped from 4% to 5.71% in the month of December alone, overtaking Mac OS X at a mere 4.87%.That's just it's first month in the market!Amazing! An article over at Arstechnica shows us that Windows 7 is indeed taking off like a rocket, in it’s first month alone it was already at 4%. Compare this to, Windows Vista which only held 0.98% after a month.No surprise to anyone.Because we that about Vista! After two months Windows 7 has completely blown Windows Vista out of the water, holding 5.71% of the market compared to the mere 2.04% that Windows Vista held.
    But it’s not all sunshine and roses for Microsoft, or Apple for that matter. Remarkably the only OS to perform better in the last 2 months was Linux, which moved forward 0.02 percentage points,moving from 1.00% to 1.02%.Surprisingly, despite the strong PC sales over the holiday period, Between November and December 2009, Windows market share dropped 0.31 percentage points (from 92.52% to 92.21%), while Mac OS dipped 0.01 percentage points (from 5.12% to 5.11%).
    Windows 7 also seems to be performing strongly in the gaming sector as well. Steam, one of the biggest PC gaming platforms, has reported seeing a rise in the number of PC’s running Windows 7 on it’s network with almost a quarter of it’s millions of users running Windows 7.I also use Windows 7 for my gaming,because of its promising compatibility.

    According to the December Steam survey, 23% of its users were running Windows 7, that’s still less than it’s 30% of users running Windows Vista, but given the fact that Windows 7 has only been out for two months at the time of this survey it’s putting up a strong fight to overtake Windows Vista. What’s interesting is that steam found that more Windows 7 PC’s were 64-bit than 32-bit, double the amount of 32-bit systems in fact.

    In A Table below you can see the windows version and its current popularity:
    Windows Version -------------------- Popularity - Down/Drop
    Windows XP 32 bit    -------------    44.77% (-3.20%)
    Windows Vista 32 bit    -------------   20.71% (-0.27%)
    Windows 7 64 bit    ---------------    15.61% (+2.45%)
    Windows Vista 64 bit   -------------   10.00% (+0.81%)
    Windows 7 32 bit    ----------------    7.45% (+0.02%)
    Windows XP 64 bit    --------------    0.64% (+0.19%)
    Windows 2003 64 bit   ------------   0.64% (+0.04%)
    Windows 2000    ------------------    0.10% (-0.01%)
    Others     ---------------------------    0.08% (-0.03%)

    Globally top 5 Operating System in the world (08 Dec Jan 10)-
    Operating System------------- Market Share
    Windows XP   ------------------ 69.48%
    Windows Vista ----------------- 21.79%
    Mac OS X     -------------------- 4.3%
    Windows 7   -------------------- 2.22%
    Linux     ------------------------- 0.68%
    Other   -------------------------- 1.53%
    Sorce: Statcounter

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