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    Samsung Laptop With 14'' Transparent Display Screenshot & Video

    CES 2010 has ended.And as always it showcased some cool gadgets and Samsung is another company which has not failed to entertain at this years technology show with their prototype laptop. This is a prototype of next generation laptop from Samsung showing off a 40% transparent OLED screen. Yes, you can actually see a hand through behind the screen.And The prototype Samsung notebook is said to have the largest transparent OLED display in the world.
    Wondering about the necessity of this screen?Why samsung made this?In terms of practical uses, there are a number of opportunities for this new technology to enter the world of consumer electronics. For instance, such transparent displays could end up in car windshields displaying such data as vehicle speed, travel direction and satellite navigation. There are also opportunities for the technology to be used in portable music players as well as in advertising billboards.
    It’s amazing to look at, but I don’t know if I’d want one – I think I’d get easily distracted by what’s behind the screen instead of focusing on what’s on the screen. Now, what would be great is if you could quickly change the opacity with a button and/or OS control.

    Source: Gizmosforgeeks

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