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    How to enable Multi-touch in Google Nexus One Smartphone

    From the begining Android-powered HTC Google Nexus One lacked multi-touch support so you were unable to use the popular pinch gesture for zooming in and out. Multitouch is disabled in the default browser that comes with Google's Android 2.1 Nexus One and there are those who lack this feature, why Cyanogen now published instructions on the XDA developer forum on how to go about beating the multi-touch again. 
    It is all very simple and requires no more than to have an unlocked phone and a terminal window in front of him.
    And one more thing, apparently, the Nexus One will be among the blessed devices that are about to get the Flash Player 10.1. If that doesn’t ring a bell, let me tell you what this would mean to the owners of the Nexus One: full Flash support.

    So, thanks to the Flash Player 10.1 you will be able not only to see Flash-based banners, but also watch videos and even play Flash games. Here is a short video demonstrating how the Flash Player 10.1 works on the HTC Google Nexus One.
    As you can see, the Flash playback takes full advantage of its zippy Snapdragon CPU. Games and videos are fluid and because of the sensitive capacitive touchscreen display playing games on the HTC Google Nexus One seems quite fun.
    And while there is still some work on the Flash Player 10.1 and it is unknown when exactly you will be able to get it up and running on your Nexus One smartphone you can enable pinch zooming straight away.
    You only have to visit the xda-developers’s site and follow the instructions. Remember, as I’ve already mentioned, this isn’t an official Nexus One software update but a patch created by some users of the site so if you’re not sure about what you have to do to enable pinch zooming, you’d better do nothing.
    Here is the video of Google Nexus One multitouch with default browser via Cyanogen - Swedroid.se
    Procedure of Enable Multi-touch In Google Nexus One -
    Get the following files:
    Add them to your device:
    adb shell stop
    adb remount
    adb shell rm /system/app/Browser.odex
    adb push Browser.apk /system/app
    adb push com.cyanogenmod.android.jar /system/framework
    adb push com.cyanogenmod.android.xml /system/etc/permissions
    adb shell reboot
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    Source: GSMArena
    XDA forum(check this site first)


    1. Where does one type the adb codes and what are the requirements?

    2. http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=5419553&postcount=1
      check this link for details information


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