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    Apple Tablet Launching Rumor & Expectations

    It is expected to Apple that it is going to announce its latest creation within next 1 week,possibly in 27 january.It’s not clear what it is, exactly, but the speculation is that it will be a new kind of tablet-styled computing device that has more names than the Black Eyed Peas has hit singles.The tablet is more of a “super” iPod touch rather than a mobile Mac. The important question for everyone, however, is what’s inside this mythical device.

    There's been surprisingly little discussion of the actual specs beyond the size of the screen—storage, memory, processor, etc. Most of what little talk there has been has revolved around the networking capabilities.

    The device is going to cost between $600 and $900 and will come with a docking station that will allow the device to be used with a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse. The device is also going to come with wireless connectivity supplied by a carrier partner, most likely Verizon. But let’s focus on the semiconductor components for now. According to Rumor:

     •    The core of the application processor is said to be ARM Cortex (8), which Apple licensed from Samsung.
    •    Apple is enhancing the core processor with the help of design team from PA Semi, a company Apple bought for roughly $278 million in 2008. Apple has focused on enhancing video and graphic capabilities of the device with its internal semiconductor efforts.
    •    Samsung will be the foundry for the application processor and it will also be one of the suppliers of Flash memory to Apple.
    •    Qualcomm is said to be supplying the wireless wide area network (WWAN) chip for connectivity to the wireless networks.
    For starters, before it was taken out by Apple, PA Semi had designed a very low-power, dual-core ARM chip running at 2 GHz and consuming 5-13 watts. That’s the kind of design expertise you need when building portable Internet devices such as this mythical tablet. And that is precisely the kind of expertise Apple needs, in-house, in order to muck around with ARM-based chips.
    There could be versions with 3G and without. Specifically, HSDPA (meaning it would only work on AT&T or T-Mobile in the US). Oh look, a SIM card tray! But maybe it'll be on Verizon said BusinessWeek. Hey, maybe even Verizon LTE 4G wireless!
    Its Size?
    The most important spec—and maybe the biggest mystery—is, well, how big the tablet is. Three sizes dominate rumors, tied to the size of panels produced by display manufacturers: 7 inches, 9.6 (or 9.7) inches, and 10.6 inches.
    Let's go from least to most specific. Apple reportedly told publishers it's "small enough to carry in a handbag but too big to fit in a pocket.It's smaller than Apple's current laptop computers but bigger than the iPhone or iPod Touch.
    Apple analyst king of the dweebs Gene Munster, after speaking to "component contacts" in Asia, says it's between 7 and 10 inches. TechCrunch says it's 7 or 9 inches. Digitimes says there's two tablets, one that's 9.6 inches (with OLED) and another that's 10.6 inches. Taiwan Economic News says 9.6 inches too. Actually respectable news organization Dow Jones says Apple ordered displays from Wintek that are "between 9.7 and 10 inches."
    It is expected to release in march but some Mmnor Iisues may Ddlay Tablet shipments until June.
    Source: Gigaom Gizmodo 

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