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    1st Image Of BlackBerry Curve 8910 is Out Today

    The time for the BlackBerry Curve 8900 successor has come at last.Its named BlackBerry 8910. It's been more than a year since the Curve 8900 announcement but today we spotted the first image of its replacement. Reportedly, the new device will be called BlackBerry Curve 8910 and will exchange the 8900's trackball for a trackpad.Tonight one  Secret Agents scored a live picture of the BlackBerry Curve 8910. From what we are seeing this revision replaces the trackball with a trackpad and agent confirmed it is running OS 5.0.4+.
    At first glance it looks like the BlackBerry Bold 9700 until you notice that the keyboard metal frets around the keys are missing and the keys are 8900 style.
    Strangely, up until now the BlackBerry XX10 naming has been used only for devices which add GPS capabilities to the XX00 named versions but the 8900 already had a built-in GPS receiver in the first place. It's still a mystery what exactly the Curve 8910 updates (except the trackball)?
    It is still unknown when the new BlackBerry smartphone will show up officially and at what price.

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