Bluetooth 3.0 Speed Analysis- Is It Really Faster Than Bluetooth 2.0?

bluetooth 3.0 speed same as bluetooth 2.0Many of the next generation mobile phones and gadgets are equipped with latest Bluetooth 3.0 technology. And we all have the same belief that it increases Bluetooth speed dramatically. But people are stunned then they see its speed is almost same as Bluetooth 2.0. So what’s the problem? Why is this big speed difference happens?

GSMArena researched the Bluetooth 3.0 issue and the reason for the low speeds. And they find that it’s a simple case of confusing labels. You were getting became instantly clear when you know everything about bluetooth 3.0.

The Bluetooth 3.0 specifications consists with three things – Unicast connection-less data, Enhanced Power Control and Alternate MAC/PHY.

The Unicast part specifies a way to send a little data without much delay (e.g. a remote control). The Enhanced Power Control keeps a tighter reign on the transmitting power and makes the device a little more power-efficient.

This two features are the good sides of Bluetooth 3.0. Now comes the Alternate MAC/PHY section of the specifications which is much more complicated than others. It’s also the section that’s not mandatory to get a Bluetooth 3.0 certification. It allows two Bluetooth 3.0 certified devices to connect over a Bluetooth link and then switch to a 802.11 link, the base technology for Wi-Fi to achieve speeds of up to 24Mbps.

Devices that support Alternate MAC/PHY are certified as “Bluetooth 3.0+HS” (High Speed) and ones that don’t are certified as just “Bluetooth 3.0” and are limited to regular Bluetooth transfer speeds because of lacking Wi-Fi magic link.

Another important research reveals that Android 2.2 doesn’t even support Bluetooth 3.0 – the BlueZ library that it uses is old and works only up to Bluetooth 2.1+EDR. You can check Bluetooth support info for the other Android versions over at their dev site (there’s no info on Gingerbread though).

It’s possible that manufacturers (like Samsung) use a different software stack, but the transfer between the two Bluetooth 3.0 certified Samsung droids we tested was going at v2.1 speeds, so that wasn’t it.

Most importantly none of the present phones they checked were Bluetooth 3.0+HS certified. This put an end to this speed test – 24Mbps just wasn’t going to happen so when you come to pick your next futuristic smartphone. You can safely ignore the Bluetooth 3.0 specs as long as they don’t list HS explicitly. The Bluetooth SIG website settled any remaining doubts you had.

How You Can Get Most Speedup From Your Wireless N Router

how to speedup smartphone wifi?In this days most of us users a wireless router in our house in order to use cable free Internet. And there are mainly 3 types of wireless of Wi-Fi connection method exist now- a, b, g and n. Wi-Fi n is the newest and fastest. But its not possible to get most out of a Wi-Fi n router unless you can setup something first.

If you are using Wi-Fi regularly in your office, Hot spot zone or home I am sure that you can see a speed variation in these places. But the point is all the devices used are same in specifications so where's is the point? And the solution is the speed of Wi-Fi network mainly depend on your devices setup.

Here's some tips for getting the most out of your Wireless N router-
  1. Always use the 300Mbps mode. Most of the time it works better especially if the router is in the other room.
  2. Always use WPA2/AES encryption otherwise your Wireless N network will work at 54Mbps.
  3. You must enable Quality of Service (QoS).
  4. If a Wi-Fi b/g device connects to your same Wireless N network simultaneously with your N client, the network automatically throttles down to 54Mbps to accommodate the new device. You can solve this problem by adding a simple separate 802.11g access point (not a router) for those G clients.
  5. Also keep in the the distance of your devices. Wi-Fi b connection can works upto 38 meters(125 feet) at indoor and 140 meters(460 feet) at outdoor. Range of the Wi-Fi g connection is also same as Wi-Fi 802.11 b devices. So its 38 meters and 140 meters respectively. And latest Wi-Fi 802.11 n connection has more power in distance field too. It works upto 70 meters(230 feet) at indoor and 250 meters(820 feet) at outdoor at 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz frequency band. So keep in mind these figures when you are setting your wireless network.

That’s it. I hope will see some kind improvements at least when all of these are done.

Universal Micro USB Mobile Charger Will Used IN EU From 2011

Incompatibility of chargers for mobile phones is a major inconvenience for users universal mobile chargerand leads to unnecessary waste of resources. This task goes even worse when you have many different phones from different manufacturers. You must carry all the necessary chargers along with the phone wherever you go. But the scenario will change soon. The European Union first announced the plan of using same charger port on every handset in last year June. According to the plan every mobile phone manufacturers must use same charger port from coming 2011. And this common charger port is micro usb which are already used in many handsets.

All the major phone manufacturers like Nokia, Apple, Samsung, LG, RIM, Sony Ericsson, Motorola, Huawei, Alcatel, NEC, Emblaze, and chip makers Qualcomm, Texas Instruments and Atmel quickly signed the memorandum. A few others signed later on. So you don’t need to worry about your next phone.

Convenience is one thing to look forward to. No more carrying several chargers for each device - just one will do. You can even use a microUSB cable and a computer to charge your mobile phone. The switch to the microUSB standard has environmental benefits as well, as each year 4,000 tons of old, incompatible accessories get thrown out after the user upgrades.

The first phones complying with the new standard are expected to come out early next year in Europe anyway. But everyone hoping that the phone makers will use the standard globally rather than create Europe-specific versions with microUSB.

Skype Releases Video Call Feature To iPhone

Just 2 days ago i wrote that soon Skype will give iPhone users the chance to get video call feature through Skype. And now it seems that Skype done the job before i expected. Today Skype releases new version of its iPhone application that brings free video calling to all its subscribers. It works over both 3G and Wi-Fi networks. You will also glad to hear that the new Skype app even lets you have video calls with desktop users.
iPhone skype video call app download
Obviously video-calling has enjoyed remarkable success this year, accounting for 40 percent of all Skype-to-Skype minutes for the first six months. So bringing it to the mobile world seems like the smart thing to do. Being completely free of charge and with no Facetime-like restrictions it might actually become the video service to use. You can talk face-to-face or show what you're seeing with front- and rear-facing cameras.

Right now owners of the iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, and iPod touch 4th generation with iOS 4.0 or later can go to the App Store and give the video-enabled version of Skype a try. Video receiving capabilities are available on the iPod touch 3rd generation and iPad. Calls can be made between devices using the new Skype for iPhone app and desktops including Skype for Windows 4.2 and above, Skype for Mac 2.8 and above, Skype for Linux and ASUS Videophone.

Android 2.2 Running Dual-core LG Optimus 2X Preorder Price Is Now €550

Long waited LG dual-core Android phone is now comes into life.  A Swedish website sart taking preorders for this powerful android phone at the price of €550. And this will comes to your hand in early 2011. It is expected that final news comes in CES 2011 which starts from January 6.

ARM Cortex A9 1GHz dual-core processor used in this LG optimus 2X. And Android 2.2 Froyo is also upgradable to Android 2.3 gingerbread. LG Optimus 2X has 8 GB of internal memory, 32 GB of memory card support, 3G HSDPA support, Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n. And its 8 megapixel camera is capable of taking 1080p HD video. And as usual 720p tv out and HDMI port also here.

Its now almost certain that LG Optimus 2X has the best mobile phone display ever produced inside, even better that IPS Retina based iPhone 4 and Super AMOLED Samsung galaxy S. The TFT capacitive 480 x 800 pixels 16M color touchscreen seems brighter and more energy efficient. And the android LG beast also expected to be thinner than Apple iPhone 4 and Samsung Galaxy S, may be just 9.3 mm.
lg optimus 2x preorder best price in uk
And if you wish to buy one of those then you will get something special inside- a famous Italian composer will share part his movie soundtracks as 15 LG exclusive ring tones with the future owners of the LG Optimus 2X(also known as LG P990 Star). Among the 25 pieces composed by Morricone there will also be 10 of the composer's creations such as tracks from the movies Cinema Paradiso, The Mission, Love Affair. What's more Optimus 2X users will get access to free applications with Ennio Morricone images and video clips from the LG Application Store.

HTC Desire HD Firmware Update Make It Android 2.2.1 With Better HD Recording

There's an minor update out for the new HTC Desire HD. This update tweaks and bugfix update that makes the Desire HD to Android 2.2.1. This update htc desire hd 2.2 firmware probleman Over The Air 40MB update. It will change the HTC Desire HD to software version 1.72.405.3 and the Android version to 2.2.1, the latest available Froyo.

With fixing some bugs, it also reportedly brings improved performance too. The Desire HD is reported to run a little faster overall after the update. Mainly camera function shows a much more noticeable improvement. It's now snappier and the HD recording has reportedly been improved as well.

But everyone is eagerly waiting for Android 2.3 Gingerbread update. And there's not a speech from HTC about when the HTC Desire HD and their other droids will receive the Android 2.3 update. That might take a while as HTC will have to port all sorts of custom goodies including the extensive Sense UI, the fast boot magic, etc. to the latest version of Android OS.

Mysterious Hallon Sony Ericsson Android Phone Photo Leaked

This times Google online image hosting service- Picasa has done the trick. sony ericsson android 2.3 gingerbread phone100 plus photos of new Sony Ericsson xperia phone is out through this. a Picasa account filled to the brim with 8 megapixel test shots from a pair of camera phones. But there are no news heard yet. Engedget are sure that this phone is not Sony Ericsson Anzu, X12 or Playstation phone. They guess that the model codename is ‘Hallon’. The model number is either LT15i or MT15i. This rumored Sony Ericsson phone runs Android 2.3 gingerbread with new translucent Timescape UI on top. The leaked images show that this phone runs Vodafone connection in Germany. But the most interesting thing found in the photos are the front faced huge camera module. I easily guess that this camera is easily capably of HD video chat! Now just wait and see.
sony ericsson android 2.3 lt15i rumor true?

Video Call Via Skype In iPhone Will Possible Soon

Before the 2011 CES a leaked tutorial page from the Skype’s official download skype video apps for iphonewebsite has revealed that video-calling will be coming to iOS. And Skype already announced that- There will be a series of video related announcements. It now very much real for other major device platforms to see Skype video calling features on their hand too.

Maemo powered Nokia N900 smartphone already support video-calling through Skype. Skype runs nicely on all the major mobile operating systems already and it would be pretty great if Skype enabled the new feature to all of them at once.

You can also easily download iPhone Skype apps and make free Skype-to-Skype calls and low cost calls to any phones abroad on WiFi or 3G. To Download Skype Apps for iPhone and iPod Touch Click Here.

Shiny Yellow Sexy Girls Car Windows 7 Theme

Car and girls always taste hot n sexy to every men. That's why sexy hot babes are always looks amazing with luxurious cars. Earlier i released babes car Windows 7 themes in blue and red color tone. This time i choose another hot color- yellow. I hope this also able to burn your desktop.
Windows Sexy Hot Babes Yellow Car Theme Features:
- 6 Super Hot Babes Yellow car Wallpaper.
- Hot Yellow Babes Start Menu Background.
- Dark Yellow Chiny Taskbar and Windows Explorer.
- Special Icon Colelction For Your Windows 7 Desktop.
- Black Glass Enhanced v0.5.
- Start Menu Animation Software(made by Spazpunt).
- Windows 7 Start Menu Changer.
- Windows 7 Theme Installer.
How To Apply Sexy Yellow Babes Car Theme:
- At 1st patch your system.
- Copy Babes Cars Yellow folder and themefile to C:\Windows\Resources\Themes folder. Then apply the theme.
- Run black glass and start menu animation software to see its effects.
- Use Windows 7 start menu button change to change your start menu buttons.

Creator of this theme: bigcyco1

If You Want To Use This Sexy Babes Yellow Car Theme to your Windows XP or Windows Vista Then Check This.

Things You Must Know Before Installing Theme:
1.Many 3rd party themes are not installed properly if you dont patch your uxtheme file.Because the GUI of any themes are dependent on these file.typically it doesn't allow user to rewrite windows's original data.So Click Here to download 1 click Utility tools to patch your uxtheme file.
2.Always create a restore point for critical visual themes in order to protect your system.
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Sexy Babes Blue Windows 7 Car Theme

Windows 7 Glossy Blue Sexy Girls Car Theme

Previously i released sexy girls with car theme in red color tone. Now i am ready to release my next theme in sexy glossy blue color with hot girls on the desktop. This blue color tone has its own appeal with many sexy bodies around. Hope you enjoy these!
Windows 7 Glossy Blue Girls With Car Theme Features:
- Sexy Glossy Blue Car Theme.
- 9 Hot n Sexy Girls Wallpaper With Car.
- Exclusive Icon Set for Your Computer.
- Glossy Blue Start Menu & Taskbar With Dark Effect.
- Blue Sexy Babes Windows Explorer.
- Extra Fonts Included.
- Full Glass Application.
- Dark Blue Start Menu orb Buttons.
- Start Menu Animation Software(made by Spazpunt).
- Windows 7 Start Menu Changer.
- Windows 7 Theme Installer.
- Windows 7 Logon Background Changer.
How To Install Sexy Babes Blue Car Theme:
- At 1st patch your system.
- Copy Cruzing Babes Cars Blue folder and themefile to C:\Windows\Resources\Themes folder. Then apply the theme.
- Run full glass and start menu animation software to see its effects.
- Use Windows 7 start menu button change to change your start menu buttons.
- Use Windows 7 logon changer to change your Windows logon wallpaper.
Sexy Porn Babes Car XP Vista Theme

Creator of this theme: bigcyco1

If You Want To Use This Sexy Babes Blue Car Theme to your Windows XP or Windows Vista Then Check This.

Things You Must Know Before Installing Theme:
1.Many 3rd party themes are not installed properly if you dont patch your uxtheme file.Because the GUI of any themes are dependent on these file.typically it doesn't allow user to rewrite windows's original data.So Click Here to download 1 click Utility tools to patch your uxtheme file.
2.Always create a restore point for critical visual themes in order to protect your system.
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Nokia N900 Will Gets Android 2.3 Gingerbread Update Soon

After Google nexus s it might be Nokia that receives a Android 2.3 Nokia n900 android 2.3 gingerbread update downloadgingerbread update. And nokia n900 is at the top of the list. The Nokia N900 Gingerbread port comes courtesy of Alexey Roslyakov, a Russian coder, better known under the nickname DrunkDebbuger. He says a publicly available experimental release should come before 2011. Of course it’s not completely functional at this stage, but cellular data, Wi-Fi and sound are a go and naturally support for the rest of the hardware is being added as GSMArena speak.

If being an alpha tester isn’t much to your liking, you can try the stable Android 2.2.1 Froyo release for your N900. Roslyakov says it should be available for Christmas.

The final bit of good news is that there will be some kind of Android release for the Nokia N900 in time for the old calendar Christmas (7 January).

Google Nexus S 1st OTA Update Available- Brings Latest Google Maps

Google Nexus S is just released few days ago but it feels lucky that already a update is available for this phone. The size of the update is only 1.9 MB google nexus s update problemand it's over-the-air now. The update build number is GRH78. And this update makes your Android 2.3 smartphone Android 2.3.1 while every other modern smartphone stick on to 2.2.

This google update installs the latest version of Google Maps on you Samsung Google Nexus S Phone. It also fixes some already known bugs on Google phone.

Release of this update is very good sign for the phone's future. It is now clear that Google is so serious about this number 2 Google phone. And you the buyers can get maximum output and support from the Google.

Your Google Nexus S must notify you when a new update is pending. If not then please dial *#*#checkin#*#* to download the 1st Nexus S update.

Sexy Babes Hot Christmas Windows 7 Theme Download

Christmas is just few hours away from now. I already upload two special Christmas theme for your Windows 7 pc. This time i come with one special for your pc. I wanna make your Cold Christmas time pc hot now. That's why i introduce you hot n sexy babes Windows 7 Christmas theme collection. You will find 3 nice n hot Christmas babes theme here. Merry Xmas.
Windows 7 Hot Christmas Red Babes Theme
This Christmas Theme Contains:
- 17  hot babes wallpaper in Christmas costume.
- Hot red color on your desktop.
- 5 exclusive red gadgets for your desktop.
How To Install Hot Red Babes Christmas Theme:
Just click the themefile to install the hot red babes Christmas theme. Gadgets must be installed separately.

Frosty Christmas Theme With Hot Girls
This Hot Christmas Theme Contains:
- 17 hot babes wallpaper in Christmas costume with lots of frost.
- Frosty white color on your desktop.
- 5 red hot gadgets for your desktop.
How To Install Frosty Hot Babes Christmas Theme:
Just click the themefile to install the frosty babes Christmas theme. Gadgets must be installed separately.
frost babes windows 7 christmas theme downloadSexy babes christmas theme download

Sexy Blonde Girls Christmas Theme
Sexy Blondes Christmas Theme Contains:
- 8 hot blondes wallpaper in Christmas costume.
- Hot red color on your desktop.
- 5 different red gadgets for your desktop.
How To Install Hot Blonde Babes Christmas Theme:
Just click the themefile to install the blonde babes Christmas theme. Gadgets must be installed separately.

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Cotract Free Dell Streak Price Is Now $400 Only In US

Dell just announce a fantastic news for those who willing to buy a new smartphone in near future. The price of the 5-inch Android-powered tablet Dell Streak in the US has just been seriously reduced to $400. And most importantly the price is without signing any cotracts.

This is $180 lower than what Dell USA were previously charging for the 16GB version of the SIM-free Dell Streak. This cheap Dell Streaks will start shipping on 11 January 2011.
Dell Streak Sim Free Offer Details
Interestingly, the 16GB version of the thing will arrive with the Android 1.6 a.k.a. Donut on board, but getting rid of it is as easy as pie thanks to the available update to update to Android 2.2 a.k.a. Froyo which comes Over-the-Air.

As for the 500-dollar 32GB version of the 5-incher, it will be serving Froyo out of the box.  For further details and order new Dell for you check the official site now. 

Microsoft Sold 1.5 Million Windows Phone On 1st 6 Weeks

Windows Phone 7 PerformenceAt last silence has finally been broken regarding the sales figure for Microsoft’s latest push back into the mobile market. Microsoft has been suprisingly silent about Windows Phone sales, which has led to many speculating that Windows Phone was “dead on arrival”. To Microsoft’s credit, they have been very careful at setting realistic expectations for their “new” platform, especially in the wake of the iPhone and Android’s great success.

Here is the statement from Microsoft regarding sales numbers:
We are pleased that phone manufacturers sold over 1.5 million phones in the first six weeks, which helps build customer momentum and retail presence. Early customer survey data on the overall software experience is very positive and the willingness to recommend our phone is very high. That’s really good for us.
Considering that two of the larger players in the US market (Sprint and Verizon) have yet to begin providing Windows Phones, this number isn’t too bad for a new platform and should see steady growth as the mobile OS is updated and more manufacturers and developers jump on board.

Marvel Red Windows 7 Christmas Theme

Christmas is one of the most sacred and popular festivals of Christian community celebrated in all over the world. It is only day when Jesus Christ, the son of God, was born to Mother Mary that aroused the curiosity of devotees. Different communities have their own way and traditions to celebrate this sacred event of Christmas. 25 December is a date on which Christmas is celebrated with great fun and joy, where Christmas trees, Christmas decorations, parties, recipes, ornaments, movies, mid night stage shows, carols become the part of Christmas celebration.

Christmas 2010 is just 3 days away. It is the last Christmas of the decade. At it’s heart the Christmas holidays is about family, friends and celebrating all good things. And as always i come here today with a brand new Christmas theme for your Windows 7 PC. I hope this marvelous computer theme is going to be a important part of your home pc decoration.
Marvel Red Christmas Windows 7 Theme Has:
- Windows 7 Marvel Red Christmas Theme.
- 6 Nice Christmas Cartoon Wallpaper.
- Complete Icon Set of 150 Gorgeous Icons.
- Candy Cane & Winter Wonderland Dock.
- Date & Time Changer.
- Theme Resource Changer for Easy Installation.
- Red Mouse Cursor.
- Christmas Sound Scheme.
How To Install Marvel Red Windows 7 Christmas Theme:
- 1st patch your system properly.
- run the theme installer file.
- Replace timedate.cpl file from C:\Windows\System32 folder.
- Run the Dock application file to install it.
Snow White Windows XP Vista Christmas ThemeChristmas Theme Wallpaper Set DownloadChristmas Start Menu,Dock and Clock Download

If you wanna download More gorgeous Windows 7 Christmas theme then check this page for more theme.

If You Want To Use This Christmas Theme to your Windows XP or Windows Vista Then Check This.

Things You Must Know Before Installing Theme:
1.Many 3rd party themes are not installed properly if you don't patch your uxtheme file.Because the GUI of any themes are dependent on these file.typically it doesn't allow user to rewrite Windows's original data.So Click Here to download 1 click Utility tools to patch your uxtheme file.
2.Always create a restore point for critical visual themes in order to protect your system.
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Google Nexus S UK Price Drops To £430- Starts Selling Now

It’s very good news for UK mobile phone users. Because you people are receiving Samsung Google Nexus S just before the Christmas 2010. Google Nexus S will appear at Carphone Warehouse and Best Buy stores across the UK on 22 December 2010. And its price also drop to £430.
Best Buy Google Nexus S Price in UK
This Android 2.3 Gingerbread-powered smartphone, the Samsung-made Google Nexus S, has been selling since 16 December over in the USA and scheduled to launch in Europe before Christmas. So, if you feel like buying a nice high-tech gift, go to Carphone Warehouse and pre-order it. It should arrive by the end of December.

The price in the UK was first said to be £550 (around €650) but apparently we weren't the only ones that thought it was quite steep so Google decided to cut it down to £430 (nearly €510). This sounds way more reasonable (even if its way higher than the US SIM-free price of the Nexus S, $529 or €400).

Android 2.3 Gingerbread Source Code Released Publicly

android 2.3 gingerbread updatesThe Android 2.3 a.k.a. Gingerbread source code has just been made available for everyone . At the same time the Google Nexus S Gingerbread has been ported to the Samsung I9000 Galaxy S.

Android 2.3 arrived a couple of weeks ago and as of 16 December the first Gingerbread-serving device, the Samsung-made Google Nexus S, is on the US market.

And as the tradition goes, right after that Google made the Android 2.3 source code publicly available, allowing device manufacturers to start the work on installing the Gingerbread on new and existing mobile phones and tablets.

All the enthusiasts keen on making and modifying ROMs are now invited to taste Gingerbread too. So, the first custom Android 2.3 ROMs should show up pretty soon. You can download Android 2.3 source code from the official site.

Microsoft Security Essentials 2.0 Is Available Now: Still Best Free Antivirus Out There

Its obvious that Microsoft Security Essentials is the best free antivirus in the market as someone believe it’s the best among all antivirus available in the market( Me too). Last 16 December 2010 Microsoft announced Microsoft Security Essentials 2.0 and give it to the users for free downloading. But there is no significant improvements in the MSE 2.0 but still it is ok.
Microsoft security essentials 2.0 Download
The most noticeable difference to users is the color scheme, but that’s about it. It’s underneath the skin where all the work has taken place. The old MSE operated on mainly just detected viruses using the virus database and definitions. But this latest versions ads a heuristic engine which takes things up another notch. This means you’re more likely to be protected by viruses and malware that hasn’t been positively identified yet, and you’re less likely to get false positives. Microsoft Security Essentials provides real-time protection for your home PC that guards against viruses, spyware, and other malicious software.

And as we’d expect, Microsoft have made this version faster and cleaner than before. It seamlessly integrates with Windows 7 and the security center as well as the firewall. The new version also integrates with Internet Explorer to detect Web-based threats and will keep an eye out for malware coming in through a network.

Ever since Microsoft released Microsoft Security Essentials, I’ve learnt to stop worrying about my antivirus. I no longer pay for software to protect my computer and no longer have to worry about whether or not I have a virus all the time. I’ve been using Microsoft Security Essentials right from its first public beta and haven’t looked back since. It’s unprecedented protection has kept every computer in my household free from viruses since it’s been released, all the while remaining anonymous to the users.
What is the best free antivirus for Windows?
All in all, Microsoft Security Essentials still remains one of the best security suites out there and I recommend it to you all, you can easily download it from official Microsoft website. If your region is not supported then you can download MSE 2.0 for your Windows XP, Windows Vista & Windows 7 32-bit & 64-bit form here.

Gigabyte Ready To Launch Dual-SIM GSmart Rola Android 2.2 Smartphone

Dual-SIM is a very popular feature of mobile phones. But till now world's best smartphones are not equipped with this necessary feature. But this time Gigabyte are ready to give people hope. Gigabyte is preparing to launch a dual-SIM smartphone running on Android v2.2 Froyo. It’s called GSmart Rola and it will launch in the beginning of 2011. The expected price of the GSmart Rola is $214.
Gigabyte Dual-SIM Smartphone Performence
Gigabyte already running Windows Mobile 6.5 one another Dual-SIM phone, S1205 very successfully. Now Gigabyte is ready to take their dual-SIM business over at the Android camp. The GSmart Rola runs Android v2.2 Froyo but packs barely decent specs – a 3.2-inch resistive WQVGA touchscreen, a 528MHz processor, 256MB RAM, 512MB ROM, a 3 megapixel fixed-focus snapper and a microSD slot.

The Rola’s connectivity however has everything covered – Wi-Fi, quad-band GSM, 3G with HSDPA support, GPS with aGPS support and digital compass, Bluetooth and even FM radio. But it is assumed that 3G would be available only on one of the SIMs though.

Next Google Phone Nexus S Is Under Pre-order In UK, Price £550

Google Nexus S is the next Google smartphone in the market. The news is now officially confirmed. And Google Nexus S will be the first ever phone to run Android 2.3 Gingerbread. Google has its eye on the future with this one with NFC built-in and a unique curved display.

The Google Nexus S, made by Samsung starts off with an excellent technology base, the Samsung Galaxy S and builds on top of that - the specs sound great on paper and it got positive reports from the realy reviewers. Previous Google Nexus Phone was made by HTC.
samsung google nexus s disadvantages
UK’s Carphone Warehouse offers a SIM-free Nexus S for £550 (€657), Means $870. And of course, you have the option to get it for free on a two-year contract for £35-a-month.

The Google Nexus S should ship by the end of December (the initial estimate was December 20) and it's available for all major UK operators with plenty of plans to choose from. The only little perk is that it's exclusively sold by Carphone Warehouse.

Still, the price seems a bit steep - as a comparison the Samsung Galaxy S costs £415 SIM-free and is very close feature-wise to the Nexus S.

Microsoft Releases Record Number of Security Update In 2010, Another 40 Hotfix Comes In December

Microsoft’s patch days have gotten increasingly crowded in the last few Critical Windows Update Downloadmonths – in October, the company fixed 49 issues across 16 patches, for example – and as a result, 2010 has been a record year for Microsoft patches. Microsoft’s Patch on last Tuesday for this month is looking like another bandwidth-buster: the company plans on offering 17 patches to fix 40 issues across six versions of Windows (XP, Vista, 7, 2003, 2008, and 2008 R2), three versions of Internet Explorer (6, 7, and 8), and four versions of Microsoft Office (XP, 2003, 2007, and 2010).

Some would point to the record number of patches as proof that Microsoft’s products are insecure and error-prone, but I think that the plentiful patches indicate a company firing on all cylinders in order to keep its customers protected. The fact is that Microsoft regularly releases security updates for products released almost a full decade ago – though I like Apple’s products, the company sometimes allows security flaws in their flagship operating system to go unpatched for months, and they’ve almost completely dropped support for products just half of Windows XP’s age.

Only two of the December updates have been marked as “critical,” and the problems that they both address could allow an attacker to gain control of a compromised computer. Fourteen of them are marked merely as “important,” and the last is labeled as “moderate.” As always, regardless of an update’s rating, I recommend that all users allow Windows Update or Microsoft Update to keep their computers updated automatically.

Windows 7 Holds 25% Of World Operating System Market Share, XP Just Over 50% Now

Windows 7 Market Share Windows XPWindows 7 has been a resounding success for Microsoft. After just over one year of Windows 7’s release, it has helped the company avoid the economic downturn completely. Within three months after its launch the new OS had achieved 10% market share. One year on and that’s sitting at 25% according to figures released by StatCounter on first week of December 2010.

It’s not just picked up market share at the expense of Vista either. Windows XP has seen the largest drop in market share from almost 65% at the beginning of this year down to 51.7% today. Vista has dropped from around 23% in January to 16%.

It’s also interesting to not that the market share for Mac OS X and Linux has flatlined all year with OS X on around 5% and Linux around 1%. Despite the best efforts of Apple to grow market share this year they haven’t been successful though their most recent OS release early in the year was lacklustre and poorly received. Windows 7 has not been able to cut into Apple’s market share.
Best Operating System Report
This would reinforce data throughout the year that showed Microsoft was selling a record number of retail copies of Windows 7, far more than any version of Windows before it, while PC sales worldwide have been down.

With the first service pack for Windows 7 due in Q1 2011, everyone can expect this figure to grow far more in the next year as businesses and corporations make the switch, and these increases will be at the expense of Windows XP which should be on 25% to 30% market share by the end of 2011.

You Can Use Transparent Wallpaper For Windows Phone 7 Now

Windows Phone 7 Performance ReviewTime by time many new Windows 7 Phone features are unlocked to the users. This time a neat feature that was discovered on a Windows Phone 7 development blog. Posted by keyboardp, this tweaks enables Windows Phone 7 users to add transparent wallpapers as their lock screen choice without any kind of hack or jailbreak on your Windows Phone 7.

It really is a simple tweaks and it involves creating or finding a .PNG file which has a transparency layer already added. The problem is that you can only sync .JPG’s to Windows Phone using the Zune PC software, so the workaround is to send the .PNG file to yourself via email, then open the email and save the file to your phone. Alternatively, you can probably also add the .PNG file to your Skydrive account on Windows Live and download it from there.

But there is still a problem with this tweaks. Many users have not been able to get the transparency to work if you have a lockscreen pin enabled, so if you need to use a pin to unlock the phone, and you probably should, the transparency will just appear black.
To see the video how well it works CLICK HERE.

Amosu Makes iPhone 4 Diamond Edition Costs 23650$

iPhone 4 Diamond Limited EditionI think there are already a lots of reason available for you to decide for a iPhone. And iPhone 4 surely is in the top of the list. Now if you have more money in your pocket then you might think for buying a iPhone 4 with diamond. Famous British jeweler Alexander Amosu will give you the chance with its limited edition Diamond Spider - a diamond-encrusted iPhone 4 with some exclusive features.

The sides of the iPhone 4 Diamond Spider are covered by 846 brilliant-cut VVS1-grade F colour diamonds totaling 5.66 carats. You are free to transfer those diamonds to another handset or just turn them into some kind of jewelry when you decide to switch phones. Every iPhone 4 Diamond Spider will come with a special golden number of your choice (the example given being 07XXX 111111). It allows you to choose a unique number whether it’s your birth date, shirt number, business number or a special number.

The price will also include a 24hr global concierge service, which promises to access the inaccessible for you. Every iPhone is unlocked that means you can use it from everywhere.
Diamond covered iPhone 4 price in US
You can also pick any color for the back of your Diamond Spider iPhone - black, white or any other you may want. Mone makes everything possible in this world- Another example. The iPhone 4 Diamond Spider costs 23650$(£15000) and will be available in UK, Monaco, United Arab Emirates and Nigeria. Though, if you actually had the kind of cash to get one, we'd assume you'll be able to ship it to wherever else in the world necessary.


Microsoft Releases Harry Potter Deathly Hallows Theme For Windows 7 OS

It seems that Microsoft take it very seriously! I mean Desktop visualisation of Windows 7. They are now regularly releasing fabulous theme for Windows 7. And recent hit games and movie are now the first choice of Microsoft. We all aware that the finale of Harry Potter series- Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part I is released on 19 November. I also published an exclusive Harry Potter 7 theme on that purpose last month. You can check and taste that theme form this page. The theme should appeal to both young and old Harry Potter fans featuring 6 High Quality wallpapers of Harry, Hermione, Ron, Snape, Bellatrix and Voldemort.

This Harry Potter Deathly Hallows theme is available for download at Microsoft’s official personalization gallery for Windows 7. Windows 7 users can install the theme with a double-click after downloading it. Everyone else may still download the theme and use an unpacker like 7-zip to extract the wallpapers to their system to use them without the theme file. Fans may even go the extra step and install a wallpaper changer to automatically switch between all, or only some, of the wallpapers of the theme. Total procedures for extracting wallpapers from Windows 7 theme and using it on Windows XP/Vista can be found here.
Harry Potter 7 Deathly Hallows Windows 7 ThemeHarry Potter Detahly Hallows Wallpaper
Download Exclusive Movie Themes For Windows 7 :

Smooth HD 1080p Video For Web - Adobe Plash 10.2 Beta Uses GPU Better Than Ever

Adobe Flash 10.1 was a significant improvement over earlier versions, adding support for hardware acceleration on modern GPUs with current drivers – this allowed relatively weak CPUs like Intel’s Atom processor to play high-definition Flash content on the internet, when paired with a compatible graphics processor. Flash is installed on nearly all of the world’s computers, so anything Adobe can do to improve the performance and efficiency of the plugin will benefit the entire Internet.

Adobe today released a beta of version 10.2 of their flash player to the public. Flash 10.2 takes this a step further, Whats New In Adobe Flash Player 10.2improving hardware acceleration to the point that seen laptops play smooth 1080p HD video with just over 0% CPU usage. Other features include increased performance under IE 9 (beta) due mostly to support for that browser’s own GPU rendering features, text rendering enhancements, and the ability to play full-screen Flash content on one monitor while continuing to work with other programs on a second monitor.

Flash development has gotten much more interesting over the last year as Adobe fights to keep the technology dominant in the face of competition from HTML5 and Microsoft’s Silverlight plugin. Flash has also had to contend with high-profile criticism from Apple’s Steve Jobs, who says that the Flash plugin will never be supported on its popular mobile devices. Jobs claims that the plugin is crash-prone and that it decreases battery life – the latter accusation has been independently confirmed by reviewers, who noted that installing Flash significantly impacted the battery life of the new MacBook Air.

Beta release of Flash Player 10.2 for Windows, Mac, and Linux is now available for download on Adobe Labs. Check that to test new flash.

AVG Antivirus Update Might Cause Your Windows 7 Boot Failure

If you are using 64bit Windows 7, you must be careful now to use AVG antivirus to protect your system. On Wedensday night, AVG released an update for it’s antivirus program which completely crippled Windows 7 64 bit systems and rendered them useless.

The problem leaves the machine in a continuous reboot loop. At the time of writing this, thankfully AVG have pulled the update and say it’s now safe once again to update your systems. They’ve apologized for making a mess of things and are now providing instructions on how to get your system back up and running once again.

The culprit was a simple virus definition update version 271.1.1/3292 (432/3292). The error message that appeared was

STOP: c0000135 The program can’t start because %hs is missing from your computer. Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem.
Luckily AVG have now got a couple of different fixes out, one simple quick and easy option is to boot into safe mode, and then do a system restore to before the AVG update. But in some cases users haven’t been able to boot into safe mode and AVG have a couple of different options for that too, there’s a bit of work in it though.
How To Solve AVG Antivirus Update Problem
If you’re one of those people who have applied to update, but are yet to reboot your system and be affected by this issue, there is still a chance to save your machine. You need to find the preparations folder located at C:\Program files (x86)\AVG\AVG10 (64-bit systems) and delete it. You should then be able to reboot as normal.

If you still haven’t managed to get yourself sorted, AVG say they will be releasing a tool to sort it all out over the next couple of days, but if you’re still really stuck, try the AVG forums.

Extra High Quality Mobile Display On The Way- Samsung Has Super PLS LCD & LG Has QLED

When iPhone 4 released their IPS display with gorgeous quality you ever think, we all might think that it might be the end. But it appears that the display wars are not going to end anytime soon. Both Samsung and LG announced new generation display technologies, which as you can imagine, promise to be better than anything we have seen so far. You might take a look at GSMarena's review of current mobile display quality.

Samsung IPS Display TechnologyFirst off it was Samsung's Mobile Display division that showcased a working prototype of the Super PLS LCD. It is said to offer 100% wider viewing angles and 10% higher brightness than conventional IPS LCD screens as the one found on the iPhone 4 and iPad. We can imagine 10% brightness boost can be achieved, but doubling of the viewing angles seems a rather long shot - IPS LCD just cannot be improved that much in this aspect. After all, those are already unbelievably good.

The Super PLS displays will support resolution up to to WXGA resolution (1280 x 768 pixels) and should cost about 15 percent less to manufacture. Mass production starts early next year so we will hopefully get to see them in action pretty soon - perhaps some time around the MWC 2011 the upcoming February.

On the other side of the camp, LG doesn't have a working prototype to show just yet but it has announced that it has teamed up with QD Vision for the development of Quantum Dot LED (QLED) display units. Dubbed "ultimate solution for displays" QLED should give unmatched power efficiency, providing more brightness, while consuming less power than any currently available OLED technology. Can't wait to see those too.
LG High Quality QLED Mobile Display
QLED displays should also offer more accurate colors and be cheaper to manufacture. You can find out more about them at QD Vision's website. The bad news is that QLED technology is still in development and there's no saying when it might be mounted on an actual device.

First Windows Phone 7 Updates Will Come In January 2011

Windows Phone 7 Cheap PriceIf you are a Windows Phone 7 user then there is one very good news waiting for you. It seems that they are very serious about their Windows Phone 7. And now they are trying to make it as a successful smartphone platform. Because Microsoft plans to release updates for Windows 7 regularly. According to Chris Walshie, first jailbreaking tool creator of Windows Phone 7, Microsoft is ramping up a major update in early January 2011.

Apparently, Microsoft has been working on this first update long before the actual Windows Phone 7 release, which is very believable considering Joe Belifore announced a copy and paste feature to come in early 2011, at the release launch.

Other new features rumored to be added are: copy and paste, 3rd party multitasking, custom ringtones and some enhancements to Bing for turn-by-turn directions.

Walshie also noted in a tweet, “Microsoft took 3 months to do what Apple did in 3 years.” Which is true if the rumor is accurate, however, Apple was out in front of the smartphone market by far, so they could be slow to update some of their missing core features, Microsoft needs to update quickly and often if they wish to get WP7 off the ground and in the race.

But till now Microsoft has confirmed nothing, this update for Windows Phone is a rumor so far.

Computer RAM Prices Will Be Falling In Early 2011 Quickly

Increasing price of Computer RAM over the last 2 years is one of the biggest concern for the hardware manufactures. Happily price of the DDR3 RAM module has dropped rapidly over the year. An dthe best news come from DRAMeXchange. According to their report, the price of DRAM will likely keep falling throughout the first half of next year before a recovery takes hold. They also states that the wholesale price of a 2GB DDR3 module has dropped 46 percent since the start of the year, from $46.50 to around $25 now, and it could drop to as low as $20 by the end of the year.

Low price DDR3 RAMThe trend will continue due to a combination manufacturers being able to increase output. Thanks to the use of immersion scanner technology that improves yields in their fabrication plants and the unusually low demand for memory. And i think the success of Windows 7 has a great effect here. It's basic economics: an increase in supply and a low demand leads to excess supply leads and thus lower prices. That said, economics tells us that this won't last forever, since a lower price means an increase in demand to accommodate the improved yields, and eventually a relatively higher price. Thus, the market will eventually return to equilibrium. And start of this situation is triggered by the devastation result of Windows Vista failure.

Still, the next year is good news for PC manufacturers and consumers, and not so good news for memory makers. Falling DRAM prices normally mean PC buyers will find bargains when shopping for new computers. While prices will fall for DRAM modules sold in stores, OEMs may choose to offer better overall systems instead of lowering prices. DRAMeXchange says the market will bottom out around the first quarter of 2011, and PC makers will take advantage of the cheaper RAM prices to boost the amount of memory systems ship with. Specifically, it predicts a 36 percent increase for desktops, a 31 percent increase for laptops, and a huge 105 percent increase for netbooks.

iPad Hits UK With 312$ By Orange

Orange UK just announced its contract-tied pricing for Apple's tablet, iPad in the UK. Pre-orders are already strated for obtaining the 3G-connected iPad at prices of £199 ($312) for the 16GB version, £249 ($391) for its 32GB sibling, or £349 ($626) for the one equipped with 64GB of storage. This is all subject to you signing up for a two-year plan costing £27 ($42) a month that'll give you 1GB of anytime data, 1GB of off-peak data (judged by Orange to be between midnight and 4pm), and 3GB of BT Openzone WiFi access for each twelfth of the year. The expectation is that T-Mobile will be offering similar pricing like Orange shortly.
Buy low price iPad

iPad Normal Price At A Glance
                            16GB        32GB     64GB
Wi-Fi                 $499          $599       $699
Wi-Fi+3G         $629          $729       $829

New Symbian 3 Running Nokia X7-00 Has 4 Speakers For Best Music Quality

It’s now almost official that Nokia X7-00 is the next device to join the Symbian 3 gang. And after Nokia N8 with amazing camera quality, new Nokia X7-00 is dedicated for the music lovers. A leaked video shows a touch-based device with four speakers and similar hardware and software like the C7. Additional information can be unearthed from the Czech forum, which is the source behind the leak. It seems that the Nokia X7-00 has ARM 11 680 MHz processor, 3D Graphics HW accelerator and 256MB RAM- same as those of Nokia N8.
Nokia X7 Smartphone Music Quality On Four Speakers
As you can see Nokia X7-00 also has the similar measuremenNokia X7 Specification Rumorts and screen size compare with Nokia N8, but again the camera department is less than stellar - a fixed-focus 8 megapixel camera plus a dual-LED flash. It's unclear whether the screen will be a ClearBlack AMOLED or the AMOLED used in C7. 

Anyway, the most interesting thing about the X7-00 is the four speakers it's got one in each corner. We are sure lots of music geeks will appreciate this. It’s a giant steps for the music phone I believe.

But there is no official announcement yet to be made.

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