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    Microsoft Launches Windows 7

    The launch event for Windows 7 has just finished in New York and it’s been on a much smaller scale than previous launches. This time there was no huge stage and no big screen presentations, no rock band and no multiple speakers. Not even the customary long list of thanking the development team.

    The one hour event is also shorter than previous launch events. The Vista launch was one hour, the same as this but the XP launch was a full two hour show.
    Mainly this was entirely a consumer-focused event. There were no mentions of business at all. The other is the very first thing they showed off was Live Movie Maker, part of the Live Essentials Suite that doesn’t ship with Windows 7, but is instead an optional download.
    This demonstrates that Microsoft clearly see Live Essentials as an important part of Windows 7. It should be, even though it’s not bundled.

    One thing that really jumped out was the demonstration of Play to, this feature allows you stream media content, music, video and pictures from your Windows 7 PC to compatible devices around your home. They showed off a Dell laptop streaming 16 simultaneous video, photo and music streams, including some Hi-Def video. It was a very impressive spectacle.
    With the exception of some digital media and multi-touch displays, the event itself was light on content about the operating system. There was no talk about security, stability, compatibility or aero features like snap or shake. Microsoft were clearly determined to use just a few features to wow the crowd.
    Microsoft is hoping the successor to Vista will be more of a hit with users when it launches on 22 October.
    Many of the features take into account multimedia applications and the fact that users are beginning to store their data on the internet.
    In the UK some computer stores are due to open at midnight so keen PC users can get their hands on the software.
    Microsoft is encouraging people to hold Windows 7 launch parties and has gone as far as to prepare party packs for those willing to get their friends together to mark the release.

    Low key
    Rick Munday from computer manufacturer Medion on touch screen features
    PC World said it would open its flagship store on London's Tottenham Court Road at midnight on 21 October to sell the operating system.
    Tech support staff will be on hand to answer queries about installing the software.
    Despite this, the launch of Windows 7 is likely to be a low key event compared to launches of earlier incarnations of Windows. In the past Microsoft has called on the Rolling Stones and comedian Jerry Seinfeld to help launch its new operating system.
    The formal launch will take place over several days in New York at a series of events that will see appearances by Microsoft boss Steve Ballmer and other senior executives. Many PC firms are expected to unveil Windows 7 machines on launch day.
    Microsoft has partnered with Seth MacFarlane, creator of Family Guy, to produce a Windows 7 themed TV show that will air on 8 November.
    The launch of Windows 7 also coincides with the opening of the first Microsoft retail store in Scottsdale Arizona that will showcase and sell Microsoft compatible goods. A second store is planned for a mall in Mission Viejo, California.

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