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    How To Install Windows 7 From Hard Disk

    In a earlier post i wrote the method of installing Windows Operating System From USB Drive.But if you face such a situation that you have no dvd drive or big enough pen drive to copy Windows 7 then?That to Do?
    Then The only way to install Windows 7 is using your Hard drive.But yes obviously before that you must have an iso copy of Windows 7 installation disk.Here are the steps that are required to install Windows 7 from a hard drive.
    1. Get the Windows 7 ISO image to the hard drive: If the Windows 7 is already on the hard drive of the computer system then skip this step. There are a few ways how to get the iso image of Windows 7 on the hard drive. Users can download it if it is available online, move it to the other computer over a network connection or use a packer to create multiple smaller archives that can be put on smaller USB drives to transfer and extract the ISO image of Windows 7 on the target computer system.
    2. The only software that is needed to install Windows 7 from hard drive is a software to mount the ISO image on the other computer system. Possible programs are Daemon Tools, Magic Disk or Virtual Clone Drive to name a few.

    3. Just execute the setup of the now mounted Windows 7 installation DVD to start the installation of the operating system. Windows will copy all files to the hard drive so that they can be accessed from there even after the restart of the system.


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