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    Windows 7 XP Mode Questions & Answers

    People all around the world are very much interested to know about the Windows XP mode in Windows 7.Many of them are already prepared to use it for better compatibility.You should also aware of this.ANd i believe some of if you are using it already.Those who won't here's the procedure for you.
    But you people are not know about some facts clearly.So i decide so bring out some facts for you.Hope this will Help you.

    Q1. Is XP Mode suitable for you?
    Answer: If you're trying to run 3D games that don't get along with Windows 7, the answer is 'No'.
    But, if you need to get more life out of peripherals or applications that don't run under Windows 7, or you need to run Windows XP without rebooting your Windows 7 PC, the answer might be 'Yes.'
    XP Mode is free to try right now with Windows 7 RC, and if you want to use its final version after Windows 7 goes live, be sure to upgrade to Windows 7 Professional, Ultimate, or Enterprise editions (it will be free for those editions, but will not work with Home Premium).

    Q2. What do I need to run XP Mode?
    Answer: There are three requirements for XP Mode:
    1.You must be running Windows 7 Ultimate, Professional, or Enterprise editions.
    2.You must have a processor capable of supporting hardware virtualization (Intel refers to this feature as Intel Virtualization Technology; AMD refers to this feature as AMD-V).
    3. Hardware virtualization must be enabled in the system BIOS.
    Q3. Do I need a copy of Windows XP to use XP Mode?
    Answer: No. Microsoft provides Windows XP SP3 as a VHD file for use with XP Mode.
    Q4. What are the benefits of using XP Mode instead of running Virtual PC 2007 and installing Windows XP as a virtual machine?
    Answer: There are several advantages to XP Mode over VPC 2007+Windows XP, including:
    *When you install programs into XP Mode, they are automatically published to the Windows 7 Start menu, so you can run them in separate windows on the Windows 7 desktop, or in full-screen, or within the Windows XP VM desktop. Virtual PC 2007 must run Windows XP programs within the Windows XP VM desktop.
    *You must manually configure Virtual PC 2007 to run Windows XP - this is not necessary with XP Mode.
    *You can move your mouse freely between XP Mode and the Windows 7 desktop - with Virtual PC 2007, you must click within the window to capture the mouse cursor, then press the right alt key to release your mouse to return to the Windows 7 desktop
    *VPC 2007 cannot use USB mass storage devices – XP Mode can use USB mass storage devices.
    *VPC 2007 runs Windows XP as a VM very poorly (slow CD-ROM access, etc.) unless you install VPC 2007 extensions. XP Mode does not require you to install extensions.

    Q5. Is XP Mode designed for 3D gaming?
    Answer: XP Mode automatically integrates the Windows clipboard, printers, drives and smartcards at startup, and you can also selectively disable and select whether to enable at start up (default).
    Answer: No. XP Mode does not support 3D graphics APIs such as DirectX. If you need to play 3D games that will not run in Windows 7, set up a dual-boot environment.

    Q6. Can I run Virtual PC 2007 and XP Mode on the same PC?
    Answer: No. You must uninstall Virtual PC 2007 before you can use Windows Virtual PC and XP Mode.

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