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    Windows 7 Pricing Details

    One of the biggest hardware online shops in the United States, Newegg, has revealed Windows 7 OEM pricing on their website. OEM, which stands for Original equipment manufacturer, are usually handed out to system builders. They are usually cheaper than the retail or upgrade editions but come with several severe disadvantages that include no upgrade option (only clean installs), no Microsoft support, no boxed version of the operating system and no option to transfer to another PC.

    The Windows 7 OEM editions are sold at Newegg (prices are likely to be similar at other retailers) for $110 for a Windows 7 Home Premium OEM license, $140 for a Windows 7 Professional license and $190 for a Windows 7 Ultimate license. See the chart below for an overview of the different options.
    The Windows 7 OEM versions have the lowest price tag of all available versions. There is however on exception to that. The Windows 7 Family Pack will retail on October 22 for $150. It comes with three Windows 7 licenses just like the 3-license Home Premium OEM offer. The price tag of the family pack on the other hand is less than half of the OEM pack. It is on the other hand a limited offer.



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