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    Microsoft Offers Lower Price For Windows 7 To Students

    Microsoft have just announced that they will be selling Windows 7 Home Premium or Windows 7 Professional for just £30 in the UK or $30 in the US to Students.

    In an email to Neowin Microsoft said:

    students will benefit from many of Windows 7’s unique functions and applications which make PC’s easier, simpler and more fun to use. For those students who have the latest laptops with touch screen technology, Windows 7 comes with enhanced capabilities for an enriched touch experience, allowing a more direct and natural way to work – it’s also perfect for netbooks. Other features include remote media streaming, improved gaming experience, enhanced security and integration of Windows Media Centre for more central and convenient management of music, movies and photos.

    This great offer for Students will run until 3 January 2010 and students will be able to download Windows 7 from the 22nd October provided they have a valid College email address.
    Microsoft is also planning to offer a similar deal in Canada, Australia, Korea, Mexico, France and Germany, though the prices will probably vary somewhat and Microsoft is yet to confirm details.
    Regardless this is a great deal for students as Windows 7 Home Premium will retail for $119.99 and Windows 7 Professional for $199.99 and is aimed at students who aren’t planning on buying a new PC this year.
    Here are the Official Microsoft Links:
    Windows 7 UK Student Offer
    Windows 7 US Student Offer

    Source: http://windows7news.com/2009/09/18/microsoft-to-offer-windows-7-for-3030-for-students/

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