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    Best Windows 7 Transformation Downloads For Windows XP

    Still using XP? But loves Windows 7 Outlook? So this this the time to turn your XP to Seven by some exclusive Windows 7  theme which are the Best Windows 7 look-like theme for Windows XP available up to date. This page is dedicated to provide you the best available Windows 7 Themes & Customization pack for your Windows XP PC.I upgrade this page regularly. All the themes are tested and finest. I search all over the net and combining the best theme always. So please come to this page and download all the items easily without any trouble. I provide the shortest download link for you.

    Windows 7 Theme For Windows XP v2 (24 June 2010 Update)
    This one is the newest Windows 7 aero transformation theme for windows xp operating system
    This Windows 7 Theme For XP Includes:
    - Windows 7 Ultimate Theme
    - Windows 7 Styler
    - Viglance
    - True Transparency tools
    - Styler
    - Shell
    - Wallpaper

    Windows 7 Final Theme
    This updated windows 7 theme includes-
    - Resized window buttons to its original size
    - Updated taskbar buttons to RTM version
    - Redesigned some substyles
    - Group button bug fixed
    - Redesigned log off / shutdown button

    "SevenVG RTM" theme has been created for Windows XP users who want to get the same Windows 7 look in XP. Its an update over previous "SevenVG RC" theme. Lots of resources has been updated to match with Windows 7 RTM and many bugs have also been fixed based on your feedback.
    Following is a preview of this new theme:

    Change Log:
    New Taskbar buttons similar to Windows 7 RTM (with round corners, updated colors and glow effect)
    New User Pic frame in Startmenu similar to Windows 7 RTM
    Windows 7 default Userpic is shown in Startmenu if Welcome Screen is not enabled
    A brand new Startmenu in Basic style similar to Windows 7 RTM (Thanks to XibaD)
    MSN icon replaced with Windows 7 logo in Basic Startmenu
    New Menubar matching with Windows 7 RTM
    New Quick Launch graphics and buttons spacing updated to match with Windows 7 RTM
    Quick Launch "Large Icons" issue fixed. Now Taskbar height remains same.
    A brand new "Styler" toolbar included to match Windows 7 RTM
    Titlebar buttons graphics and position updated
    System Tray icons position updated to take less space
    New "Hide Inactive Icons" resources
    "Details" view graphics in Explorer updated to match Windows 7 RTM
    Taskbar resources updated for proper view in Top, Bottom, Left and Right sides
    New "All Programs" Menu Background matching with Windows 7 RTM.
    And lots of other small graphics updated.
    At last many bugs fixed as usual.
    How to Use:
    1. Once you download the ZIP file, extract it. You'll get a folder "SevenVG RTM Theme for Windows XP by Vishal Gupta".
    2. In this folder, you'll get 5 more folders:
    Extra Common Tasks (This folder contains 2 extra shell styles: Bottom and Left dark blue.)
    Fonts (This folder contains Segoe UI fonts required for the theme. Run Fonts.exe file to install them.)
    Iconized Taskbar Hack (This folder contains registry script to enable Iconized taskbar in Windows XP.)
    Styler Toolbar (This folder contains "Styler" setup file and "SevenVG RTM" Styler skin. You can apply it to get Windows 7 look-like commandbar in Windows XP Explorer.)
    Theme (This folder contains the main theme. Run Theme.exe file to install it.)
    3. Run "Theme.exe" file present in "Theme" folder and apply the theme using Desktop Properties.
    4. Also make sure you have patched the "uxtheme.dll" file to be able to use 3rd party themes in Windows. If its not patched yet, download and run UXtheme Patcher using following links:
    For XP SP3 Users - Download UXTheme Patcher
    For XP SP2 Users - Download UXTheme Patcher

    Windows 7 Transformation Pack 4.0(Supports Vista/2003)
    Windows 7 Transformation Pack will transform your entire Windows explorer user interface, including a 7-themed Boot Screen, Welcome Screen, and Visual Style/Theme, as well as new icons, wallpapers and much more. The latest version is 4.0 released on November 29th, 2009.
    It Works on Windows XP, Windows 2003 & Windwos Vista.
    Windows 7 Transformation Pack Features:
    •Boot screen
    •Welcome Screen / Logon Screen
    •New msstyles files (visual styles)
    •New desktop and file icons
    •New toolbar icons
    •Progress Dialogs
    •Sounds scheme
    •System Tray icons
    •New Wallpapers
    •Some Windows 7's popular features
    •And much more
    Version 4.0 New Features:
    - Featured Windows Vista enhancements
    - x64 system files modification
    - Localization support
    - Major updates in 3rd-party applications ..read more
    Major Updates Form Version 3.0 are-
    - Added giannisgx89's "Windows 7" visual style for Windows Vista
    - Added localization support with some fixes in wording and correction (You can modify vilang.sif for program to read in other languages. It may not work on languages with IME unicode charset though)
    -Added more system files modification for Windows Vista
    -  Shell Elements (Start Menu, Explorer)
    - Startup Animation
    - Tray Icons Set
    Download 7 Transformation Pack v4 For Win XP/Vista

    Windows 7 Transformation Pack 3.0(Supports Vista Too)
    All Previous Windows 7 Transformation packs supports only XP but this latest release supports vista as well as XP and 2003.
    Windows 7 Transformation Pack aka Seven Transformation Pack will transform your entire user interface, including a 7-themed Boot Screen, Welcome Screen, and Visual Style, as well as new icons, wallpapers, and more. The latest version is 3.0 released on September 9th, 2009.
    Transformation Pack Features:
    1. Boot screen
    2. Welcome Screen / Logon Screen
    3. New msstyles files (visual styles)
    4. New desktop and file icons
    5. New toolbar icons
    6. Progress Dialogs
    7. Sounds scheme
    8. System Tray icons
    9. New Wallpapers
    10. Some Windows 7’s popular features
    11. And much more
    Download 7TP 3.0

    Windows 7 Theme Black:
    Probably the most complete Windows 7 theme for Windows XP so far. It comes with an easy installer (just click on theme.exe in the themes folder) and replicates most of the Windows 7 interface including the Windows 7 taskbar, fonts and common tasks.
    1. Download the file and extract its content. You'll get a folder "SevenVG Black Theme for Windows XP by Vishal Gupta".
    2. In this folder, you'll get 5 more folders:
    Extra Common Tasks (This folder contains 2 extra shell styles: Bottom and Left dark blue)
    Fonts (This folder contains Segoe UI fonts required for the theme. Run Fonts.exe file to install them.)
    Iconized Taskbar Hack (This folder contains registry script to enable Iconized taskbar in Windows XP.)
    Styler Toolbar (This folder contains Styler setup and SevenVG styler toolbar skin. It'll provide Windows 7 look-a-like toolbar and commandbar in Explorer.)
    Theme (This folder contains the main theme. Run Theme.exe file to install it.)
    3. Apply the theme using Desktop Properties and you have done.
    4. Also make sure you have patched the "uxtheme.dll" file to allow 3rd party visual styles, if its not patched, then download and run the UXtheme Patcher from here:
    For XP Users - Download UXTheme Patcher
     Download Windows 7 Black Theme for Windows XP

    Windows 7 Theme Blue:

    Download SevenVG Blue Theme for Windows XP
    How to use: Same as black theme

    Windows 7 Mode For XP Perfect
    This is Latest & Updated Windows 7 System Files for Windows XP SP2/SP3 Users.This system files are turn your old XP just like Windows 7 and your desktop too.
    Download contains:
    - Explorer.exe
    - MyDocs.dll
    - Shell32.dll
    - themeui.dll
    - Msgina.dll
    - netshell.dll
    - xpsp1res.dll
    - xpsp2res.dll
    - wscui
    - wuaucpl
    - sysdm and
    - Replacer Utility
    - ReadMe.
    Important Instructions
    --Use the enclosed Replacer utility to put Explorer.exe in the WINDOWS main directory.
    --Use the same enclosed Replacer utility to put all other system files into your Windows/System32 directory.
    --Restart your computer.
    Windows 7 like desktop properties. (Latest)
    Browse, apply & save themes like Windows 7.
    Browse wallpaper and set desktop.
    Themes & desktop background preview like 7.
    Customized desktop icons.
    Disk cleanup dialog like windows 7.
    Windows 7 system properties.
    Improve security center interface.
    Windows 7 like copy, move & delete animation.
    Latest windows 7 about dialog box and many other features.
    Created By: sagorpirbd

    Aero Ultimate(Vista)
    – WindowBlinds style for 32 and 48 pixel icons
    – Information.PDF
    – Skin patches with readme.txt in every file
    + Extras
    - Favorite Links kit
    - Remove Windows Flag
    - Vista Cursors (normal+shadowed)
    - Some wallpapers
    - Vista userpictures
    - Hints
    - Recommended downloads
    – Styler toolbars
    – Logoff\Shutdown text remover (StartmenuLSTremover.)
    – Screenshot
    Download Aero Ultimate Theme

    Windows 7 Display Properties for XP
    Many of you know that Windows 7 starts new way to navigate and use Display Properties.And People are loving it.So why are not you trying it?

    Windows 7 shell32 File For Your XP

    The new shell style in the Windows 7 is simply superb. If you are still running Windows XP and want to get Windows 7 look, then here is a shell32 file that will completely transform your XP into Windows 7.

    There are quite a few XP to Windows 7 transformation packs & themes are available, but without tweaking your shell32 folder you are not gettign the full advantage for those theme. If you really want to get Windows 7 look, then download and use the below shell pack and also don’t forget to use Windows 7 theme for XP.

    How to install shell32?
    To make the new shell style working, you need to replace the default shell32 of XP (%windir%\System32\Shell32.dll) using a free application called Replacer or you can also replace it manually.
    Instruction Manual:Take ownership your original (.dll / .dll.mui / other extension)
    Go to c:\windows\system32.
    Right click on original (.dll / .dll.mui / other extension) choose properties.
    Go to security tabs choose advance and go to owner tabs.
    Choose edit. Select your user account. Click ok.
    In the security tabs. Choose edit and select user account.
    Tick Full control. Apply and ok. Now your done.
    Reneme the original (.dll / .dll.mui / other extension) to be (.dll.old / .dll.mui.old / other extension)
    Copy my modify files into c:\windows\system32 to replace it.
    Log off or restart. Now your done.
    Please Turn off the UAC for the work.

    Windows 7 Boot Screen For Your XP
    As we all know that Windows 7 contains a new animated boot screen which shows animated items/balls that come together to form Windows logo.If you want to enjoy the same boot screen in Windows XP or Vista, then here is a boot screens for Windows XP and Vista which look very similar to Windows 7 boot screen.

    Note: This bootscreen is not animated as it is not possible for XP.
    And You need Tuneup Utilities to use theme boot screen.

    Windows 7 Login Screen
    Download Windows 7 Login Screen for XP

    How To Use:
    1.After downloading, extract the ZIP file using WinZip, WinRAR or 7-zip and look for the "LogonUI.exe" file. That's the file which contains the login screen. You'll need to replace existig "logonui.exe" file present in "%windir%\System32" folder with this downloaded one. Use "Replacer" to replace the file.
    2.You can also use Tuneup Utilities to easily apply the login screen which is very safe.

    Moonrise 2 Logon Screen
    Both standard and widescreen version included

    Windows 7 Sound Schemes
    Windows 7 RC contains 13 new sound schemes which you can download them using following link:
    Download Sound Schemes

    After downloading the file, extract it and you'll get 13 folders containing the sound files. To apply the new sound scheme, first take a backup of existing sound files present in "%windir%\Media" folder (here %windir% means "Windows" folder present in system drive where your Windows is installed). Then copy the new sound files from any of these new 13 folders and paste them in "Media" folder. That's it.

    Windows 7 Icon Pack:
    If you are still using Windows XP and want to have Windows 7 icons in your XP, then this new Icon Pack will definitely help you.
    "SevenVG Icon Pack" will make Windows XP icons look like Windows 7.
    Download SevenVG Icon Pack

    After downloading the file, extract it and you'll get a folder containing the Icon Pack. You'll need "Stardock Icon Packager" to apply this icon pack which you can find here.
    Open "SevenVG.iconpackage" file in Icon Packager and Apply it.

    Visit This page to patch uxtheme.dll
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    Download Best Windows 7 Themes From HERE


    1. dude just a suggestion... why dont u give a direct link for the ux theme patcher..? u know 1 has 2 go through lots of web pages 2 ultimately download that 420 kb zip.... nywys gr8 wrk....

    2. I am trying to combine and give the visitors the best item on the web.So some times i forget to use the proper link because i browse a lot of pages to write this type of item.
      But i should try.
      Thanks for your suggestion

    3. Direct Download link provided.Just Link And Download the patch files now

    4. links for uxtheme patcher didnt worked for me...i downloaded it from softpedia...now i m gonna try this win7 theme...lets hope it ll work...thanks for the stuff...

    5. I am santusir I am doing mca from ignou
      it is a tools to show the winxp to windows7
      so the poor student is eassy understand that
      what is differnt between windows xp and windows7 looks

    6. i got everything working but the desktop icons are still as old. I mean icons for My Computer, Internet Explorer, Recycle Bin.. they all have not changes as seen in picture by VG.. Does anyone know how to get them changed to the new ones?

    7. Yeah thats another trick.I will post it into this page later.keep visiting.(Facing internet problem now,thats the reson for this delay)

    8. if i want to revert back to original xp theme and style, is it possible? plus, is there an uninstall option in your exe files? thanks a lot in advance.

    9. Yes you can do that from your display setting>Desktop customization

    10. for them who are not sure about using the uxtheme patcher, i suggest them to use tuneup utilities...u can directly add the theme with tuneup utilities...it worked for me...and thanx to hardworking people behind this...the theme helped me break the monotony of the same old xp theme that i used for years...thanx and waiting 4 more such stuffs

    11. Yeah i also agree.Tuneup is so easy tool to use for cleaning and customizing windows.But we most of the people dont utilize 90% feature of it and even dont have any idea about those.So please explore and try everyone

    12. it is very dificult to instal windows 7 theme and i had a lot of trouble

    13. thank you very much setu and you should be very proud of the fact you do this for people

    14. How can I change the start up screen?

    15. thanks everyone for your valueable comment.I try my best to give people the best windows 7 transformation pack from one single page browsing,try to reduce click after click browsing.
      And please just follow the instruction file in every theme.i think that will help you to install themes properly.
      and you can find the otion to change startup screen inside the Tuneup utilities.

    16. i couldn't download windows 7 sound schemes. please advise

    17. Link updated.Now click and download.its torrent link

    18. shell32.dll isn't in English, else where can I get the English shell?

    19. Hi, My IE8 keep on crashing on some website when I use any those themes without applying Win7 shell32.dll for WinXP (because it's not in English). Both Windows 7 Theme Blue & Black cause more IE crashes in most website followed by "SevenVG RTM". Any solution?

    20. If thats happen after using these theme and you are sure than just uninstall these theme.may be some reason your windows version doesnt suite these.or these may happen because of any previous tweaks or programme.just uninstall theme and undo your change and see what happened.

    21. After finishing reading the above, I will install all the goodness you offer us Setu!! The idea alone being relieved from the boring xp looks. Praise Setu!!

    22. Regarding my issue about IE8 crashes, it seems like re-installing IE8 and repairing Registry solves the problem. All themes works just fine after that. Sorry for the trouble and thank you very much for the themes you shared. It looks very nice on my pc ^^.

    23. hey, im unable to use the shell32 pack, the instruction is given in spanish language , how can i use this pack in my Windows xp sp2 ,,,, plzz help me to use these shell32 pack ,,, and the replacer file is not working , how can i use the replacer file ????

    24. Thanks Onno & Other to visit and download from these page.Its my pleasure to give others windows a nice view.Always come and see more.

    25. Method of take ownership of shell32.dll :
      Go to c:\windows\system32.
      Right click on original (.dll / .dll.mui / other extension) choose properties.
      Go to security tabs choose advance and go to owner tabs.
      Choose edit. Select your user account. Click ok.
      In the security tabs. Choose edit and select user account.
      Tick Full control. Apply and ok. Now your done.
      Reneme the original (.dll / .dll.mui / other extension) to be (.dll.old / .dll.mui.old / other extension)
      Copy my modify files into c:\windows\system32 to replace it.
      Log off or restart. Now your done.Please Turn off the UAC for the work.

    26. shell32.dll isn't in English. Is there a solution for this or I have to learn sapnish or whatever the language is? hilfe!!

    27. Thanx Setu for the wonderful job,really appreciable.......why dont you upload more as you promised!!!Anyway thank you again........and keep informing if anything new are available...

    28. That shell32 turns everything into spanish is there a better option for it?

    29. i cant get this off my system and its causing lag my pc is fast custom built i want it taken off help

    30. this is fantasic, thank you so much. it look and works like the real thing

    31. Nice post .plz write a complete post about SEO in TECHTUNES.plz plz Boss

    32. I dunno who are you bro but i wrote my previous post at techtunes that i am a beginer only.Still i need to learn so much.Read all the tunes at techtunes 1st.its so helpful.If you wanna know about my style then pelase mail me.
      But obviously i will write at techtunes.i am taking my time.

    33. i need some help here plz. i have installed the Windows 7 Theme Black with the styler, and changed the size of the icons and spaces and now i want them back to their defualt settings but they are not coming back

    34. Try tuneup to change your icon size.I hope that will work.
      Or if you have a restore point with the correct settings in your XP then selecting that also works for you.

    35. If I want to revert back to my default win xp theme, would there be any difficulty? I would like to test the win7 transformation pack... but not too sure if its going to mess-up my winxp system.

    36. how to setup Moonrise 2 Logon Screen in my win xp??
      it give me Moonrise 2 wide.logonxp file
      have i change it to exe files??

    37. my windows seven transformation i need to uninstall it and reinstall how do i do this or can i?

    38. if you have backup of original files then you have to replace those file with the original one.then you can select a normal theme.

    39. shell32 pack is in some weird language.

    40. Kindly share windows 7 with every one

    41. The sound scheme link is broken/removed from mininova. Is there another link to download this?


    42. coming to themes they are really good but coming to login scree please give instructions step by step

    43. hi.. fren. i jus wanna no.. i ve nt gt graphic media acc. driver. how can i get dat.

    44. i am downloading windows 7 transformation.what is user name and password please tel me...

    45. Hi there. Just a suggestion: I know it might be hard and long to do, but why don't you do an all-in-one File with the Logon screen, the opening screen, themes, etc.

      It's just an idea, but it can be easier ;)

    46. stupid indians can do nothing but fucking themes

    47. Shell32.dll for windows7 is in some other language. How can I change it to English?

    48. please help me i downloaded the themes its not getting applied. i am gettine a msg tat the theme service is not running. so how to start that service

    49. it's really fantastic and amazing. for a long period i tried for a excellent themes like but now only i know about this site and themes very thanks for your fantastic reations

    50. hi// thanks for all who worked behind it/// ma simple sujjestion is dat, it would be better if u could explain or put in a simple way about the steps needed to change start menu appearance/ at first i could change mine but later i was able to change it// now ma xp is win7 tooo//// coooooollll/////////////

    51. if any trouble with installing just mail @ mmr_vertigo@yahoo.co.in

    52. hlo! the transformation packs r gr8 but it decreases much speed.................nd also the themes r excellent but icons still remain same..............

    53. many thanks to you man!! cheers!!

    54. thank you very much!!!
      thanks for your effort in providing us the item!!

      THANKS A LOT!!

    55. hey Thank u for this great work bro.
      but i have few problems..
      I have the icon to change the icon size, but i cant click on it. It doesnt wok :(
      The same problem with display properties :( i cant click on anything. :(
      And where shall i copy the boot screen file.

    56. and the Shell32 dint work properly. VlC dint open coz of replaced shell32.So I restored the shell32 backup. Any suggestions for that bro??

    57. best site dear......

      shakir from pakistan

      i love it

      great stuffff

    58. I installed them the themes and cursors, everything worked.thanks man, but the logon screen ruined my system. When i reboot after replacing, before going to the logon screen, it reboots. Please help me. Thanks

    59. thanks You Very much This site

    60. very nice
      my blog http://book24u.blogspot.com/

    61. This comment has been removed by the author.

    62. Very nice post. I just stumbled upon your weblog and wanted to
      say that I’ve really enjoyed surfing around your blog posts. In any case I will be subscribing to your rss feed and I hope you write again soon!

    63. How to run msstyle file given by you in windows 7 theme for xp v2

    64. Thanks for your great useful post.
      Visit http://premiumaccounthere.blogspot.com/

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    68. I've installed windows 7 on my laptop after buying license from cheaproduct, I want to activate it to get free upgrade from windows 7 professional to windows 10 home.
      I'm now confused, How to activate and upgrade to windows 10.
      Please mention within details.


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