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    Windows 8 Concept Video

    Windows 8 is the next generation Operating system by Microsoft to give the PC users ultimate computer experience.Although Windows 7 isn’t released until 22nd October 2009, attention is already turning to it’s replacement Windows 8 beta which will is expected in 2011/12. Microsoft has changed its approach to naming operating systems (e.g XP, Vista) and is using an internal numbering system and the next Windows operating system, Windows 7, is the 7th release. Hence the replacement for Windows 7 is expected to be called Windows 8.

    Here is one exclusive video of windows 8. This is not actual video of the OS. This is a concept video. But i am sure you can love it.

    Copenhagen User Experience from Copenhagen Concept on Vimeo.

    To see Windows 8 information and download its wallpaper, theme, transformation pack Click here.

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    1. if it's true the Linux guys better catch up, else they are dead!

    2. Greatest pile of bullshit in a vid i have seen today. And if it 's treu then im using something else than windows 8, cause as seen in this vid "more junk in the trunk!!!"

    3. to the idiots saying that the video is fake, please learn how to read, the word concept tells you that it's only an idea of what it should look like, my personal opinion of this os is that the gui is too complex, microsoft is doing everything they can to simplify their os's, so if you remove some of the gadgets on the side of the screen it should give you a better idea of what windows 8 could look like, good job

    4. It's really the best OS i've ever seen....

    5. man, did u see ubuntu before?dont get suprised.LINUX THE BEST EVERR> NEVER

    6. They changing and changing because some cracker can use their codes that's why.... Just like xp,vista and 7 or they can not fix all the errors. We the users are looking for a better os...

    7. i like this ,going to try it out, nice concept

    8. I've seen this video LAST YEAR...
      A guy in Copenhagen played with making VISTA custom desktop....
      The guys name is Cullen.
      I don't care for all the junk in windows currently; I would trade it all so it doesn't crash ALL THE TIME.
      Windows has gotten so fat and bloated with junk it is a pure cpu/memory hog.
      What is the point in having quad cpu system when windows eats allot of the resources.
      For really important tasks I DON"T USE WINDOWS...


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