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    Windows 7 Final RTM Leakes

    Microsoft have finally announed that at 4pm 22 July E.T. Windows 7 went to RTM.This marks a significant milestone in the development of what was a very short beta and testing process. The decision to RTM has been eagerly anticipated for weeks by the very same people who were saying the beta’s not been long enough. Well, you can’t have everything I suppose!
    You already know that Microsoft has finally finished the Windows 7 RTM build and the exact same build happened to make its way to various P2P networks and other downloads sites and services pretty quickly. Users who did already download the release or who might be thinking about doing so should verify the download so that they can be sure that their version has not been manipulated in any way. A German Microsoft employee posted the CRC and Sha-1 checksums of the Windows 7 RTM releases. The Checksums of the downloaded images can be generated for example by tools like Microsoft’s own File Checksum Integrity Verifier or Hashtab.
    The RTM build number is 7600.16385
    Windows 7 Retail Ultimate E englisch (x86)Name: 7600.16385.090713-1255_x86fre_cliente_en-us_Retail_UltimateE-GRMCEULFRER_EN_DVD.iso
    CRC: 0×953EFBCC
    SHA-1: 0xBC10F09B86DCBAF35B31B0E6FBA7D006ACAAD28D
    Windows 7 Retail Ultimate E englisch (x64)Name: 7600.16385.090713-1255_x64fre_cliente_en-us_Retail_UltimateE-GRMCEULXFRER_EN_DVD.iso
    CRC: 0×77BE890E
    SHA-1: 0×029DCCEDD7691206010F84CE58343405A4DA92C9
    Windows 7 Retail Ultimate englisch (x86)
    Name: 7600.16385.090713-1255_x86fre_client_en-us_Retail_Ultimate-GRMCULFRER_EN_DVD.iso
    CRC: 0xC1C20F76
    SHA-1: 0×5395DC4B38F7BDB1E005FF414DEEDFDB16DBF610
    Windows 7 Retail Ultimate englisch (x64)Name: 7600.16385.090713-1255_x64fre_client_en-us_Retail_Ultimate-GRMCULXFRER_EN_DVD.iso
    CRC: 0×1F1257CA
    SHA-1: 0×326327CC2FF9F05379F5058C41BE6BC5E004BAA7
    It is advised to not install the Windows 7 operating system if the checksums are not identical.


    1. Valeri, I don't mean to be rude, but if you're too "challenged" to know that you can just copy and paste those file names into ANY torrent site, then you'll never be able to successfully get through the installation anyway.

    2. @Valeri,this are the link to torrent site.You can do the site and dl the torrent fiel from there.I guess this is not the right place to give direct torrent file.

    3. I've already downloaded and installed windows7 theme and it worked perfectly except for one glitch..the iconized taskbar register file can't be installed. It has something to do with an option with my OS regarding the editing of registry. Everytime I try to click the file, it would popup a message the says 'registry editing is disabled by the administrator'. I've been trying to figure out how I can configure my settings to be able to install the said file but I wasn't been successful in finding it.

      any helpful advice? wanting this one to work very perfectly!


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