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    Microsoft Appointed New Windows Head

    Microsoft have appointed 20 year veteran Steven Sinofsky as their new head of the Windows division, having huge responsibility of Windows OS, Windows Live and Internet Explorer. Steve previously was responsible for developing Windows 7 and his success with delivering Windows 7 on time has led to the promotion. He made the product ready for launch and it also has a good balance of new features and updates that won’t leave existing users banging their keyboards in anger.

    Steve Sinofsky has a very good track record of delivering big launches on time, and his next big task will be to ensure that Windows 7’s launch won’t be the embarrassment that Windows Vista was! Windows 7 is already building up a lot of momentum and the various pre-order offers , the Windows 7 Upgrade programs and the October 22nd launch, will ensure that Windows 7 sales have a lot of momentum going into the vital Christmas buying period. It is very important for Microsoft after the failure of Vista

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